Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Oh my god!

Okay, this has got to be a dream and I'm really asleep, right?

Sorry...I know I'm supposed to be upstairs writing, but I just found a review online of the Philadelphia Poets and Writers Festival kick-off two weeks ago in which I read my "hilarious" story about meeting author Neil Gaiman...and oh my god, I'm blushing!

Here's the link!

You have to scroll down a bit....oh, what the hell, I'm so excited, let me cut and paste the applicable part here anyway:

"...Finally, Robin Slick, novelist and former editor of Philadelphia Stories Magazine, discussed her first novel, Three Days in New York City. The sequel to this novel, Another Bite of the Apple, will be available soon. Instead of reading a portion of her novel, Robin treated the audience to a mini memoir, sharing her experiences of feeling like “a dork” while attending a reading and book signing with her twenty-something rock star son. Her memoir brought this otherwise mundane event to life. It was witty, riddled with humor, and true to life. The audience felt the simultaneous thrill of meeting a writer she admired and the utter mortification of her son being forced to endure his mother’s actions as an adoring fan. The Poets and Writers Festival Kickoff ended with a series of questions and answers with the panel of Philadelphia Stories’ editors and contributors...."

Okay. Today has gotten significantly better, and yes, yes, yes, I've knocked out three newly revised chapters of my thrice revised novel!