Thursday, February 23, 2006

Odds and Sods for Thursday, February 23

Eric Slick sitting in with Project Object during their tour last April...before he was their "official drummer". I guess he passed the audition, huh.

So the Project Object tour is shaping up nicely and Eric just got word of some venues for the first leg - the tour actually ends May 14, I believe, and you can check for updates daily at Pollstar, and yeah, yeah, I know...I've just introduced you all to another very cool site. Nah, you knew about Pollstar already, didn't you?

Wed 04/12/06 Philadelphia, PA World Cafe Live
Thu 04/13/06 Sayreville, NJ TBA
Fri 04/14/06 Albany, NY Valentine's
Sat 04/15/06 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground
Sun 04/16/06 Northampton, MA Iron Horse Music Hall
Mon 04/17/06 Providence, RI Century Lounge
Tue 04/18/06 Allston, MA Harpers Ferry
Wed 04/19/06 New Haven, CT Toad's Place
Fri 04/21/06 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom & Tavern
Sat 04/22/06 Chicago, IL Martyrs'
Sun 04/23/06 Saint Louis, MO TBA
Mon 04/24/06 Milwaukee, WI TBA
Tue 04/25/06 Detroit, MI TBA
Wed 04/26/06 Cincinnati, OH TBA
Thu 04/27/06 Louisville, KY Headliners

Just off the top of my head, I can see a bunch of cities I've never visited, particularly those in New England, so I'm going to try and make as many of those shows as I can, and damn, I have friends in Wisconsin, Cincinatti, Detroit and Kentucky...arghh...already I want to be at every show and I don't even have the whole list yet.

Robin Slick, groupie mom. Oh right, I'm working on a novel about that as we speak. Sort of, anyway. Anyway, in truth there's no way I'll be able to make every concert, but I will try to hit as many as possible.

So I'm sure you all know about this by now: Bush Was Unaware of Ports Deal Before Approval.

Oh my god. I can't even comment on it.

And here's something else I just can't bear to think about...and who in their right mind would give a shit let alone want to watch something as repulsive as this?

For me, it would be a dietary aid. If unable to resist having a peek, I wouldn't be able to eat for a month. But there's really no danger of that. I find all parties involved repulsive, both physically and musically. In fact, just using the word music with those two is a sacrilege.

Anyway, Eric will is off to New York and Julie has class and then jets right over to work until late tonight. So in a perfect world, I can make up for a lot of lost time in the writing department today.



Myfanwy Collins said...

ROBIN!!! I hope you can go to the New England gigs!!! :) :) :)

The thought of that video you linked to makes my skin crawl. Blech.


David Niall Wilson said...

And yet (lol) you DID link to it....why oh why? I can add my name to the list of non-viewers.

Taking the girl thing to the eye doctor today, so no writing until tonight...

Drive by wave...


jessica said...

hey, they're playing in my home town, at the iron horse, and on easter no less.

not only that, but i think i'm going to be in town for passover.
depending on the family insanity (the whole extended family is going to be there) i could conceivably catch their show.

Ms. Lori said...

How is it that your kids escaped the dork gene, hmmm, Ms. Dorkinheimer?

***Rubs hands with glee and runs off into the sunset with Simon Cowell***

RobinSlick said...

Oh my god, I have to respond to Ms. Lori first.

You'd actually choose Simon Cowell over Neil Gaiman.


Well, good. Now I don't have to kill you.

Myf, I am making all of the New England gigs! Now I'm really starting to get excited., I hope the girl thing is okay. And that link was just for you*

Jessica, we've already emailed. I can't wait. But how funny that we both live in Philadelphia and never get to hang out but we make plans to get together in another state.

Typical of me...I don't know about you.