Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Odds and Sods for February 8, 2006

Okay, obviously I had a camera problem last evening. Yeah, that's right. It was the camera. That's Eric with his band, Flamingo, at the Knitting Factory.

The second photo shows my drummer son playing guitar on a Flaming Lips cover. Who knew? (I did. He also plays sax, marimbas, piano, bass...sigh.)

So that's Flamingo, minus lead guitarist Haffie who had to be at a Jesuit retreat as part of a class project so he couldn't be there. Somehow that strikes me as hilarious.

Eric had quite a day - he jammed with Adrian Belew (so did Julie), they had a blast, and then it was off to the Knitting Factory.

Fun show. The crowd was sparse, and about age 12 (okay, it was an over 21 show but...ack, never mind), and the few people who were there really seemed to enjoy the music.

I was really touched that Bill Saunders, a/k/a Doctor Dark surprised us and showed up with the lovely Nancy and also bestowed...get this...a comic book on me that he wrote and illustrated. You have no idea how cool it is. I need to take some photos and post them, along with Bill's art. I promised that months ago and will fulfill it! If you click on Bill's website, you will see he has a familiar drummer!

And now, speaking of comic books, in the "This Just Isn't Right" Department...what seems to be my daily tribute to Neil Gaiman as I fan myself and apply cold compresses to my forehead:

And to my writer pal in Long Island...yeah, you know who you yourself the trouble of e-mailing this to me...and my crystal ball tells me it's your new screen saver until hubby sees it.


I want a writing cabin (Susan...I mean, anonymous writer pal)...don't you? Christ, and at first all I aspired to own was a vintage fountain pen. Then it was a Moleskine journal. And now I won't rest until I have a writing cabin.


But in the meantime, sorry for the abreviated post. I have much more to say, as well as posting some of Bill's aforesaid art. But it's like a lunatic asylum in here right now and I must go make nice with my family.