Monday, July 25, 2005

Eric Slick on tour with Chris Opperman! Cool!

So okay, we all know my son is an incredible drummer; I'd already heard Chris Opperman wanted to do a northeast tour with Eric this fall, but today it's confirmed on his website. I'm going to edit out some personal stuff Chris writes for brevity's sake, but if you want to read the whole thing, check him out at and click on blog.

Special Opps Invaded New York City!

So the show was fantastic! The audience was freaking excited, the band had the guts and the ferociousness of a lion, the music was all played professionally with a high degree of ACCURACY and I loved it so much. It was also really great to see all my friends again...I can't believe I hadn't been back in four years, but I feel like we made up for lost time. You guys really showed me the love and it did so much for my heart. Thank you. We will be doing this again! Currently, we're planning to do a Northeast tour with this line-up, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Speaking of thank yous, the show wouldn't have been nearly as fun if it weren't for all of the following people:

Andre' Cholmondeley, the leader of Project/Object, for putting the whole thing together and for having such an awesome attitude. There's no way this could have happened if it wasn't for your efforts and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

C.J. DeAngelus (who has been playing my music since 1997) for randomly being in NYC and bringing his bari sax! Your impromptu solo on "The Park Bench Canal" was one of the most surreal moments in the show. Great job. REPO!

Dr. Dot for singing "I'm the Slime" with us and for being the one who suggested that I get Project/Object to be my back-up band for a New York City show.

Hugh Gilmartin @ Korg for the assistance in getting a Triton for the show.

Dave Johnsen for the hot bass solo in "Tanya's Song." It was nasty.

Kelda & Mike Keneally for sending out e-blasts about the show to their respective mailing lists.

Jeff Paitchell for proving himself big time! He did a great job and if you're a NJ or NY-area band (or you're a singer/songwriter playing a show in the area) and you need a guitarist, let me know and I'll give you his contact information.

Jordan "J-Ro" Shapiro for playing everything right and for the cool solo in "Gen-Ebulous."

Eric Slick for knowing that the "2" sign meant to play TWICE as many drums and for answering the question "What would John Bonham's drumming have been like if he had been trained by Frank Zappa?" Also, I found out that he's only 18, not 19 (Sorry, Mrs. Slick!). He's deadly and he's ready to tour!

So. The band is:

Chris Opperman (keyboards, vocals)
Andre' Cholmondeley (guitar, vocals)
Jeff Paitchell (electric guitar)
Jordan "J-Ro" Shapiro (keyboards)
Dave Johnsen (bass guitar)
Eric Slick (drums)

Yep, Chris, I know he's deadly and I know he's ready to tour, even though I will cry big tears (and probably hop on busses and planes incognito to catch him play everywhere. I'll be the one in the brunette wig hiding in the corner so as not to embarrass him). And oh my god, Chris, I am not Mrs. Slick! That's the name of Eric's grandmother. Please call me Robin!

Anyway, of course I also want to talk all about last night's Paul Green School of Rock Music All-Star gig on the Temptress boat cruise around the Statue of Liberty -- it was really, really awesome but I'm waiting for Eric to get home and upload the zillions of photos I took last night first.

Stay tuned!