Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tonight: Eric Slick at the Parkside Lounge in NYC and Side Four Live is Named a Best of 2007 CD

This Saturday - Dec 8th, 2007
Parkside Lounge, NYC
11:30 - Wrong
10:30 - Crescent Moon (duo featuring Dave Dreiwitz and Eric Slick)
9:30 - John Frazier and the 8 Year Olds

The 8 Year Olds feature multi-string player Pinky Weitzman and John Frazier is known for fronting the band "Works on Blue" with vocals and guitar. *standard 45 minute set.

Crescent Moon features bassist Dave Dreiwitz (ween & tiny lights) and drummer Eric Slick (Adrian Belew & Project/Object). *standard 30-40 minute set

Wrong features the members of Wrong. Including me (robbie seahag). *Standard 1hr 30 minute set.

Please show up at 9:30 to party.

So yesterday I had the first of some unexpected painful dental work which...woo hoo...will continue through 2008.

Please kill me.

My food intake for the past two days has consisted of soup and brandy. But oh, what soup it was -- daughter Julie, the angel who can do everything, whipped up a vegetarian tomato curry with lots of "soft" vegetables for me which was freaking amazing -- she brought it over in a huge thermos. What a sweetheart!

Speaking of said sweetheart and her equally sweetheart of a brother, here's yet another most excellent review of Side Four Live written by my hero Scott over at Planet Crimson:

"My copy arrived yesterday and I spun it up right away but the house was full and I couldn't really give it a proper listen. The house is quieter today and I've escaped to some headphone bliss while working. My first reaction:

I've always loved good bass players so it isn't a surprise how often my attention is drawn to Julie's playing. Still I must say that Julie Slick is a BEAST. To see her perform and make it look so damn easy is enough to make an old frustrated player like me alternate between feelings of awe and jealousy. When I saw the trio play in Annapolis last year I told my friend that I was going to go home and sell my bass on eBay. Unfortunately for my family, I didn't.

Eric's playing seems to always be just right. He grooves when he's supposed to groove, and thrashes when he's supposed to thrash. Remembering that he's playing a small (5 piece?) kit makes the performance even more impressive. I'll go out on a limb and say that I think Eric Slick has quite a future ahead of him (and his present ain't so bad either).

Like Mark said, the old guy ain't bad either. It's no secret on this board that I really dig Adrian Belew. He's turned in so many great live performances in the past that you almost take it for granted that Ade will give you his all. He hasn't disappointed me yet and this recording is no exception. Looping parts to become his own rhythm guitarist with ease and then soaring guitar solos over top that seem to just pour out. The guy is one of the most expressive players I've ever heard. The best part is that he is obviously having so much fun that it's probably illegal in Utah. You can almost see the grin on his face after every song."

Scott is also responsible for my new banner at the top of this blog, which, if you click on it, will take you to Ade's website where you can then click on "Store Belew" to order Side Four Live. However, there is something very special planned for next week...and that's all I'm after that occurs, the link will take you directly to exactly where you want to go...right to Side Four Live.

And speaking of Side Four Live, Grant Street Press has already declared it one of its top five picks for best CD of 2007!

"2007 Albums of the Year:

Honorable Mention: King Crimson: The Collectible King Crimson Vol. 2: Belew's first live gig as Discipline in Bath, England (1981), drawn from a restored cassette recording. Also a Philadelphia gig from July 30th 1982. Excellent quality, great liner notes, we all should be drinking the Robert Fripp cool aid.

5. Explosions In The Sky: All Of a Sudden I Miss Everyone However you brand this type of avant-instrumental rock, this outfit has taken the helm. Everything I've ever heard from them is tight and original. It all comes down to if you got the palette.

4. Adrian Belew: Side 4 Lucky enough to see this tour at B.B. King's Times Square Aug. 8th, 2006, I can tell you that this is the 2nd best thing. Julie, and Eric Slick make up his Power Trio, and they rip through the first three sides, hit some classic Belew, and visit the Crimso years as well. I feel like ordering the grouper fingers, and an Amstel every time I listen to it.

3. Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank The addition of Johnny Marr to Modest Mouse was like adding triple sec to your favorite boozy concoction with a hint of fruit. It smooths it out. No matter what Isaac Brock puts out, it's something to be considered, and here he has a few tunes that to me are among his best. Mixed within another smattering of what should be America's most popular band.

2. Iron and Wine: The Shepard's Dog Listening to this album is the equivalent of spending a late evening amongst good friends. The dust blown off contemplative moments, raucous times, and the black bear claw that took grandma's dog. If the musical element wasn't intriguing enough, the enclosed lyric poster will bring it on home. An essential contemporary rock album.

1. Robert Wyatt: Comicopera: Whatever may come out between now and Jan. 1st could not top this album as the most important work of the year. Though I guess if I had a machine that could travel through time and still write this column, I would say that every time Robert Wyatt released an album. Though the present release puts Garcia Lorca to music, gets some Enotronic treatment, got some Paul Weller, Phil Manzanera, and even Dave Sinclair playing piano on a track. I don't want to give it all away, as you should make it a point to put this in your collection. No matter who you are."


By the way, dj extraordinaire Jeff Menke will be playing cuts from Side Four Live on his show tonight, which runs from midnight until 2:00 a.m. You can get the live stream right here.

In other news, yep, it's true, Papa Slick has updated his blog and I know I am prejudiced but it's a most interesting read. Gary is extremely knowledgeable about music -- I mean, the man even saw the Beatles and Hendrix live as a little baby hippie -- and is incredibly passionate about "Saving the Music" and not in VH1 terms (though there's nothing wrong with that). Please pop over and have a read and as I sit here, I am thinking of ways we can all make a difference. One small but significant baby step I am considering is to start a grass roots on line Petition which we will all sign, post on our respective blogs and websites, and with which we can then all bombard radio stations, record companies, etc. across the country. Your additional suggestions are more than welcome - please post any thoughts you have over at Gary's blog. Cool? Cool!
And as you can see from the poster above, just a reminder that son Eric, who has been on the road with Crescent Moon, plays tonight in New York City at the Parkside Lounge, and oh oh oh, I wish I could be there, especially since today is also Santarchy in Central Park.

Julie and I accidentally stumbled on that last year, and I would normally have not missed it for the world but Julie and I will be in New York on Monday and oh boy, will I have a story in connection with that for you next week...

But seriously, if you are anywhere near New York City today, you really need to go to Central Park and see this. Trust me - it is so, so worth it. And then you can catch Eric at the Parkside Lounge afterwards and make it an absolutely perfect day altogether.

In other Eric news, he's got some more gigs lined up with Delicious...more on that later...but in the meantime, here are the dates and venues:

24 Jan 2008 22:00
Funhouse Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
25 Jan 2008 20:00
Black Lodge Philladelphia, Pennsylvania
27 Jan 2008 21:00
Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, New Jersey

Ha ha - I just realized the times are "military" and I can never figure that out but I am making an educated guess that 22:00 is 10:00 p.m. and 21:00 is 9:00 p.m....please correct me if I am wrong. Or not. We have six weeks to go so I'm sure I'll have it sorted out by then. I just know that sometime between his gigs with Crescent Moon -- and don't forget the show on December 28 at John and Peters -- Eric will also be returning to Casa Belew in Nashville for lots of pre-tour work.

I know I've said this before but I really want my kids' lives. Although my life is more than a little interesting lately, too...stay tuned for further details.

On a final sobering note, as I just went to post this entry, I realized that today is December 8. I can never see or say that date without feeling the worse sense of pain and loss. A moment of silence, please, for the late, great John Lennon.