Monday, December 17, 2007

The Adrian Belew Power Trio - Coming to You Tonight from the Earth's Core!

So tonight marks a very important evening in radio history and for the Adrian Belew Power Trio.

From the forum board at WCOM Radio:

"Mojo Ballroom will be broadcasting from the earth’s core this Monday; which, will clinch, for us, the title of being the most underground/hip radio program of all time (The Guiness Book of Records people will be on-site to verify). Operations are underway to erect a giant slide trajectory sort of contraption that will fling FJM into the earth’s core for the remote broadcast.

To finance this costly operation, MJBR has made a time-limited compact with the El Diablo Repo Co. who are generously financing the project. All the Devil is asking for is one song request (what could be the harm in that?) in exchange for his/her/its services. El Diablo stated that commercial radio stations were hell enough to listen to and he/she/it wanted to eliminate the competition… By the way, El Diablo does not look like Ozzy Osbourne, nor Alice Cooper, nor W., nor Ann Coulter, nor Cheney, nor that monster guy from KISS, nor Britney. El Diablo does, in-fact, bear a striking resemblance to Dr. Phil. I noticed that he/she/it was offering unsolicited advice to Robert Johnson (who was jamming away; oblivious to the evil one’s never-ending-stream of banal exhortations)."

So yep, this will take place tonight from 11:00 p.m. until midnight, dj Jonny Mambo is going to play songs from The Adrian Belew Power Trio's Side Four Live, and here is the link for the live stream.

The Christmas Eve show at the same place, also courtesy of Jonny Mambo, will be a two hour tribute to Adrian Belew, Julie Slick and Eric Slick and will air next Monday evening from 11:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. and you can be sure I'll be posting a reminder next week. I mean, how cool to be wrapping Christmas presents whilst hearing the Adrian Belew Power Trio on the radio.

And if Jonny isn't sweet enough, he also posted a review of Side Four Live:

"adrian belew, julie slick, & eric slick=Adrian Belew Power Trio

cd: side four live

rating: totally enjoyable, just go get it
rationale: able to keep jonny's attention for extended periods of time and feels good

So thank you, Jonny Mambo.

The reason I am posting this at dawn right now is that Julie and I are off to New York City today -- a 7:00 a.m. commute -- to do some secret, major Christmas shopping for the men in our lives and to eat lunch and dinner at the most obscene restaurants we can find. Sigh...oh who am I kidding, she's dragging me to vegetarian no-fat hell. But maybe not...let's see if I can go 50-50 with her; healthy meal; decadent dessert. Or healthy lunch...thai food for dinner. Yes, I know. I have a problem with food. But it's Christmas!

Hopefully this will be a fun, uneventful trip but if our prior New York Christmas jaunts are any indication, I'm sure I'll have much to discuss here tomorrow.

P.S. And if you are anxiously awaiting your shipment of the infamous Slick Christmas cookies, they are going out by UPS today.



Aimeepalooza said...

So my science-y son B wants to know about the picture of the Earth. He likes it, where is it from?

Kimberly M. Wetherell said...

bummer!!! I wish I had known you were coming in! we could have had a private screening at the house... hope you had a GREAT day! It was cold, to be sure, but a lovely day for shopping in NYC. xo

Kimberly M. Wetherell said...

ps - have you checked this out yet???

while they're death on a plate, i thought about julie when I was posting the pic of the red velvet cupcakes...

belewbloggfan said... disappointing is that!

I really feel sorry for the guy - it's not fun being really sick - but to forget THE PRIZED CD OF THE NIGHT that you hyped up all week......

If only I had my copy of Side Four Live - I could console myself by slapping it on....but unfortunately mine has not arrived as yet ;(

Hopefully my copy will arrive sometime this week.... (pretty pleeeeze)

LitPark said...

If Julie Slick did nothing else with her life besides making the cookie I just ate, she would still be my most favorite person in the universe.

Scott said...

Amen to that litpark!

peanut and planet said...

So, did you survive the new york trip? I've been battling midwesterner tourists all month so I get strangely excited about actual cool Philly people invading NYC.

I want to hear about all the wonderful holiday things that you did, and the tasty food that Julie subjected you to, and the insane hotel experiences, and, and, and, ...