Friday, July 08, 2005

Happy Friday!

So, Happy Friday and let me first dispense with some writing news.

Yes, it's true, I will appear in what will probably be the November issue of Playgirl Magazine along with my fellow Phaze authors. They will do a feature on us, because we actually write erotica with intelligent dialogue, plot, and characters and they'll also include certain excerpts of our novels. In other words, we write clit lit, not porn. So yep, that's very, very cool.

But other than Three Days in New York City and the 3/4 of the way written sequel, Another Bite of the Apple, my erotica days are most likely over; I prefer writing humor and creative non fiction. My other novel in progress is a "creative memoir". Oh. Looks like I won't be leaving erotica world after all. Ha.

No seriously, I prefer writing humor these days, and in that regard, I am ecstatic to announce that I have a short story, Fly Casting, which will appear shortly in the very hip and oh so cool NYC magazine, Opium and of course I will post the link again when my story is published.

I love Opium. When I subbed something to them before and was rejected (sob), the fiction editor, Will Layman, wrote to me and said something on the order of "We're not taking this but please send us more. You're sick and we like that."

Yep, he got that right.

But back to Three Days in New York City, I was interviewed recently by Kim Atchue Cusella on behalf of Romance Junkies and I am really psyched by the final result. Kim asked some interesting and unusual questions. So in case this blog hasn't revealed enough about my insane life, here's the link.

In other news, Eric is in full rehearsal mode for his gig with Chris Opperman at the Lion's Den in New York City tomorrow night and I cannot wait! He's playing with the big boys as I've previously posted -- Steve Vai's keyboardist, members of Project Object, the Frank Zappa cover band, all of whom are pretty heavy hitters musically. I asked Eric how he felt during rehearsal and he smiled and said "I was the only one who knew all the songs." (I think that means he knew the songs because he listens to music non stop; I don't think it means he was the only musician who could play them all perfectly, but with Eric, who knows?). Anyway, I am really excited. While you know I am Rock School's biggest fan and supporter, Eric is graduating and this is his first gig totally exclusive of the school because even his bands Flamingo and Abel are made up of Rock School kids. I think it's important this year for him to experience everything musically he can because his EVIL MOTHER says this is his year to really try and make his mark in the music world; otherwise EVIL MOTHER is going to hold him to the deal we made, i.e., he goes back to college in September of 2006.

Julie is off globe trotting again tomorrow -- she accompanies her boyfriend Matt and his family for a week in Hilton Head. She really makes out. She went on vacation with them to Costa Rica a few months ago; then she (and Matt) get to go with me to the beach in Ocean City for two weeks in September.

And finally, this entry wouldn't be complete if it didn't include some Rock School news. The film premiered in Canada this week and here are some links to some pretty cool reviews:

Here, here, and here.

Have an awesome weekend!