Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Chris Opperman/Eric Slick...Part II...and stuff

So there's Eric again on drums with Chris, Dr. Dot, Andre, Jeff, Jordan, and Dave.

And guess what. Eric is now listed on Chris Opperman's website as his official east coast drummer.

Chris Opperman General Info
Member Since March 14, 2004
Band Website oppymusic.com

Band Members SPECIAL OPPS West Coast:

Chris Opperman (piano)
Frank Macchia (flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone)
Chris Spilsbury (electric guitar)
Jen Kuhn (electric cello)
Daren Burns (electric bass)
Craig Bunch (drums)


Chris Opperman (keyboards/vocals)
Andre' Cholmondeley (electric guitar/vocals)
Jeff Paitchell (electric guitar/vocals)
Jordan "J-Ro" Shapiro (keyboards)
Dave Johnsen (electric bass)
Eric Slick (drums)

Check it out and hang on the site long enough to hear the music play. It's truly incredible.



Once again, I cannot believe I quit my job today! You have no idea how liberated I feel. I've been working one way or another since I'm eleven years old (oh god was I the babysitter from hell. More on that another time...) Anyway, I even went back to work four weeks after Julie and Eric were born. Meanwhile, it's also hitting me that I actually get to spend a couple of weeks at the beach without that dreaded Oh my god I'm so stressed about going back home and dealing with two weeks of work piled up at the office...and that sinking horrible feeling in my stomach the last night of vacation...and the office itself -- no more stress of trying to keep everyone happy and realizing it's impossible so I end up making no one happy including myself. No more mountains of paperwork. No more voicemail hell. Oh my god, I didn't know it was so easy to be this happy. Why didn't I do this years ago?

Oh yeah, right. I needed the money. Well, yay, I'm finally flush enough to say Screw it!

But err...you may not be reading about future lunches and dinners at Le Bec Fin or The Four Seasons any time soon. Julie and I are going to have to learn to love diners.

(Nah, we'll be fine. There's always Thai and Mexican. Mmmmm...Thai and Mexican...)