Friday, February 06, 2009

The (Mostly) Eric Slick Post

So Eric Slick has been on tour for what seems like forever (I miss him!) with Project Object and I apologize that the You Tubes I put up last post have been removed by the psychotic "Zappa Family Trust". Anyway, I'm not wasting any more valuable time or words on that, so let me switch gears and say that as soon as Eric gets back from touring Monday morning, he literally has just enough time to pack and head down to Nashville for ten days or so to record his first studio album with sister Julie Slick and Adrian Belew. Not a bad life, huh. And then of course there is the possibility of a momentous news flash (or three!) regarding Eric upon his return later this month, but I am forbidden to speak until it's all a done deal.

I do know that Eric and the boys played at the Morse Theater in Chicago last night so I'm hoping some reviews pop up later as is usual and customary from ardent fans in the windy city; I also know there was the possibility of some special guests in the audience, but right now, it's 6:00 a.m. in Philadelphia and I got nothing. Will come in with the usual edits later if/when I find additional stuff today.

But for now, from a review of a recent Project Object show:

"Most impressive amongst the band’s youth was the drummer, Eric Slick, who managed to sing a rendition of “Tryin’ To Grow A Chin” while beating the fuck out of his set. Out of anyone on stage that didn’t already have star power, Slick stole the show, throwing down colossal barrages of drum rolled amazement. He might’ve inspired the biggest reaction from the audience by the time the show was over."

And from the Ween Forum Board

"Saw 'Kid Slick' last night w/ Project Object- that kid is a fucking machine. Holding his own with a stage full of veterns."

And here's a recent interview he did for Temple News.

I found this blurb on the Music Player network, which led me to this website where you can hear Eric playing most excellently on David Essex' "Rock On" and the Beatles' "You Can't do That" along with Glenn McLelland on piano (Ween, Blood Sweat & Tears); Hal Selzer of Gary U.S. Bonds on bass...further details are on the MySpace page.

Doesn't the cover of the Beatles' You Can't Do that sound like a total Eric Clapton rendition? EC, if you are reading this, now you know who to use as your drummer next tour (heh)...and I even named my son after you so...

(I really did. I've written about that many times before but in case you are a new reader to this blog, Eric's full name is Eric James Marshall Slick, in honor of both Clapton and Jimi (James Marshall) Hendrix. Figures he'd be a drummer har har.)

Since Eric was on the road, he could not make the "Best Of" School of Rock Show with guest professor and another former David Bowie guitarist, Earl Slick. Gary filled his shoes, and he and Earl enjoyed a cigarette break outside the World Cafe Live, where Gary kidded him about being the fictional father of our kids. It's totally true, though, I cannot tell you how many blogposts and other news articles I read about my kids where they are called offspring of rock royalty, i.e., Grace Slick, Earl Slick, Slick Rick...okay, I'm lying about Slick Rick but that should be obvious. (Insert smiley face emoticon here).

Anyway, Gary was kind enough to furnish me with the following photo of him and Earl, hereafter known as Slick & Slick. Too bad Eric wasn't around to complete the trio, but Slick & Slick sounds like the law firm from hell, doesn't it?

In answer to the other question I know you are all waiting for with baited breath, Julie and I did not have art night on Monday; we moved it to tomorrow morning so that we could paint in natural light. And sober. Because you know if I ended up at her place in the evening, we'd be busy stuffing our faces and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and the conversation would go like this:

"Do you want to paint now, Mom?"

"Um, not yet. More wine please. And could you please pass the hummus? Mmm...what did you make this with? Corn? Roasted peppers? What? It's the best hummus I ever ate..."

She really does make the best hummus, I kid you not.

We are collaborating on a cookbook/rock music tour and travel guide and I'll have a lot to say about that in the near future. I've prepared a couple drafts of a query and am currently putting the finishing touches on a proposal. One agent has already looked at it and I've had interest from others so I need to get the proposal finished within the next few days, but yeah, it will be called Having My Bass and Eating It, Too - I know I've mentioned it here before - and it's loosely based on both of our blogs and will include all of Julie's amazing and unique recipes, drawings, photos...I can't wait! And yep, that hummus recipe will be included...

So that's all for now but I am definitely going to check in with Eric later this morning so trust me, if I find out I can tell you any more news or I learn of anything else related to the Project Object tour or Eric's other future endeavors, I will be back.



Kimberly M. Wetherell said...

That cookbook idea is just about the best thing I've ever heard. I know I don't comment here nearly as much as I read, but I'm so excited for you, Robin! Can't wait to see you again soon and hopefully catch up in full!

(and ps - big news coming for "our" film too - just can't squeak till all Is are dotted and Ts are crossed.

But I think you know how that feels.)

Anyway... heaps of exs and ohs.


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RobinSlick said...

Kimberly...hi! Thanks so much...yeah, the book is going to be about the places we visit all over the world with restaurant reviews and then Julie's recreation of said international recipes coupled with "war stories" from the other words, a combination of both our blogs. We are really, really stoked and I teased Julie that this is the start of her empire...a cooking show on Food TV which is a rock and roll cooking show with special rock star friend guests of Julie and maybe even performances..and this is actually going to be a series of cookbooks...wines, strictly vegetarian...maybe even divided by regions of the world. It will all depend on the vision of our agent/editor but we are bubbling over with ideas.

And now for my reply to you, Armageddon, you psycho. I am leaving your post up as a reminder to my readers that there are indeed insane people out there, especially on the internet, though in my particular case, you provided me with my first huge laugh of the day as people like you both scare me and crack me up with your ignorance.

Now. Go away. The next time I will delete you, and if you force me to put my comments on moderate, I will.

F**cking psycho.