Saturday, November 03, 2007

Zappa Plays Zappa!

Yeah! Zappa Plays Zappa performing on Conan - October 30, 2007

Man, what a smoking version of Willie the Pimp.

I guess because I'm Eric Slick's mother and there's always this flame war crap going on over at the Zappa forum board about Zappa Plays Zappa vs the merits of Project Object and Eric Slick v ZPZ's Joe Travers on drums, I'm not allowed to love this or something because it would be disloyal...but Eric sure doesn't feel that way and neither does Andre Cholmondeley, P/O's fearless leader...this is good, good stuff and it's thrilling to watch. Ray White is fucking amazing, Dweezil rips on guitar, and anyone who says Joe Travers isn't a fantastic drummer isn't hearing the same music I am. Joe rules!

I am so pissed I missed them when they were in Philadelphia but I intend to rectify that mistake next time they are anywhere nearby.

Whew...what an awesome way to wake up this morning. I need to play that again. Give me a minute....


You know, I've probably said this before and one day I intend to tell you the whole damn story down to the very last detail, but it was through Eric Slick and Julie Slick that I came to love the music of Frank Zappa. I was a total music freak growing up but a Brit Rock/punk snob and thought Frank was "weird". Around ten years ago, they came home from their music lessons when they were about twelve years old and made me sit down and listen to his really deep stuff and even his more "accessible" tunes and I am now a diehard fan. That's just one of the many reasons I pinch myself daily to know that Adrian Belew (if there's anyone reading this who doesn't know, Frank Zappa gave Adrian his big break when he made him as his guitarist back in 1977) chose both Eric and Julie as his bandmates...a year and a half later and it still blows my mind.

And I know I've said this a few times this week, but if you are in the Asheville, N.C. area tonight, please catch Eric and Andre and Josh in the band Delicious tonight at Stella Blue Live.

Hey, speaking of Mr. Belew, by now I guess you've all seen Adrian's Blog, where yesterday he announced the impending release of Side Four Live, which of course features Eric on drums and Julie on bass:

"the parts for side four (live) were sent to the pressing plant to begin the manufacture thereof.

in two weeks we will begin accepting orders. I'm told they will make lovely Christmas gifts...

Yay! Heart be still!

Okay, that's it for now. I am going back to work on my novel for National Novel Writing Month...I am woefully behind my 2,000 word a day pace - I should have close to 4,000 words as of this morning and I only have 2,019 thus far which means I need to triple that amount by the time I go to bed tonight.

The 2007 Weblog Awards

But before I go, I am being clobbered by Army Wife/Toddler Mom in the 2007 Best of Blog Awards...and we just can't have that. So as I instructed before, anyone can vote once a day until November 8 without registering any name, email address or anything...just click on the button that says "Robin Slick"...and here is the "voting booth".