Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa Slick!

Wow, what a birthday Gary is having today - it already started at midnight when he hung out downstairs while Julie and Eric autographed mass quantities of Side Four Live.

Julie has obviously just caught of glimpse of Gary lurking downstairs and is looking at him suspiciously.

Even though she was working last night and didn't get home until very late, a very excited Gary stayed up because the CDs needed to be autographed and sent back to Nashville today. My instructions to him before I fell asleep:

"Take some photos of J&E signing the CDs," I yawned.

"Oh god. There she goes, giving orders from her warm spot under the covers. Okay, I'll try to get some pics but they are going to hate you," Gary laughed.

"Maybe they won't notice. Be discreet."

Erm, I think they noticed.

And now they will obviously know for sure, but how can I not post this? I mean, is it every day your brilliant offspring are asked to autograph mass quantities of their very first CD, Side Four Live, starring the incredible genius Adrian Belew?

Gary is a saint. Not once did he suggest that I stay up and take said photos myself and be the one to suffer the consequences - the wrath - of Julie (not Eric, he's my good child...hahahahaha...just kidding)

I can't divulge the "liner notes" but suffice it to say that if Gary ever had a better birthday in the, gulp, decades and decades I've known him, I cannot think of one.

Happy Birthday, Gary! We love you!!!!!

(Dad, how about we spend tonight at our favorite spot at the beach? Love, your other child, Monty)