Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lovely and cute

Eric and Julie Slick enjoying coffee (or is that tea) in Japan, July, 2007 and yeah, yeah, Eric is merely hamming it up for the camera. Trust me, that face is about to break out into a smile any second.

So how cool is this - both Julie and Eric received this email recently:

"Hi, Eric and Julie:

My name is Hiroyoshi, living in japan, call me Yo-Zo.

I'm "Calorie Mate"guy, do you remember?

Two weeks have passed in Japan since Power trio had already returned home. Your information was a little in Japan until Power trio came to Japan. What music what kind of trio must perform, and the band with what career?

I also moved from Toyama to Tokyo running after Power trio.

Even the Japanese doesn't go there is no chance because Toyama is a minor city.
It had a hard time only because I also went to Toyama. It was received by an unusual, huge typhoon for on the way and July toward Toyama. I'm worried whether because it was impossible that Power trio came to Toyama. I became uneasy while heading for Toyama by thinking. "Why am only I in Toyama for Power trio so as not to come??"

Fortunately, Power trio and I safely arrived at Toyama, and wonderful live was seen.

The people in Toyama were surprised , saying that "Such a great performance was seen in such minor city", too.

It performs almost only in Tokyo though a lot of musicians do the visit and performance to Japan. Doing the visit to Japan performance is a heroic deed in Toyama.

I who saw the stage in Toyama have been crying because of impression.

In my presence, seen Adrian performs even to the dream in Japan (Moreover, in Toyama).

After having tears, I saw two of the amazing skills in the stage.

It was Julie and Eric.

I was all surprised because Adrian introduced two people in the stage.

The reaction was such an appearance!

"21 years old and 20 years old? It is very young!"

"Are two people brother and sister? It is lovely and cute!!"

In Japan, young person who can be active by making it to 20 years old in the world is not or is extremely unusual.

Everyone had received the impact to a wonderful skill, the age had already had unrelated ability.

Dreamlike night was spent in Toyama, It this time encountered a huge earthquake in the morning toward the following Tokyo.

I think that it was indeed surprised at that earthquake also as for Power trio that travels the world. Though Japan had a lot of earthquakes, I also experienced the earthquake like that for the first time. Moreover, It is first time since my life double attack of the typhoon and earthquake!! Anyway, Power trio was no accident, I was safely relieved.

There was an enthusiastic fan that had seen all stages for every six day in Tokyo, too.

Unfortunately, I was able to go by work's there only for three the latter half days.
It was a stage by which fresh discoveries were, got excited no matter how it saw, and it impressed it.

I was heard that done to Meet&Greet friendly in Tokyo.

I noticed that I get the signature of Power trio from Adrian's "Desire Caught by the Tail". Because "Desire Caught by the Tail" was released in 1986.

Julie and Eric, 21 years old, and 20 years old...Is it almost the same age?

I thought that "Desire Caught by the Tail" become miracle bonds --ties to 2/3 Power trio and Adrian.

I am the only person in the world where this fact is noticed.

Fortunately, after 2nd stage of the fourth day had ended, the dream was achieved. Thank you Power trio, I'll go to see every stage on the fifth day and the sixth day!!

After you return home, Power trio is spoken of very highly by a lot of blogs in Japan. Especially, The marvel and the eulogy to the 2/3 Power trio -Slick brother and sister- attract attention.

Of course, everyone is comment to which the ability is evaluated, is enchanted to youth, the skill, looks, and the character of 2/3 Power trio.

Everyone expects Julie and Eric to come to Japan again.

Because it became long, this continuation will next time.



Is it just me, or was that one of the sweetest fan letters ever?

Moving on, reviews and comments are starting to appear on various forum boards about Eric's recent gig at Zappanale.

I got a great comment on my blog yesterday from "Weasel" who says:

" I just returned from Zappanale. Just like last year Eric's drumming b(e)lew my mind.

Actually, in my opinion Project Object should have been the headliner.. It was the best Zappa-gig I've seen so far!! Seriously, even Dweezil can't top this show. Truly amazing.

I got to talk to Eric for a little while (even this blog got mentioned ;)), he's got a lot of stuff going on! I hope he'll attend Europe again soon (with PO, Belew or Keneally.. Can't really choose haha)

Cheers from the Netherlands

Thanks, Jeroen!

From the Zappa forum board:

"...I have seen P/O 3 times over the past 6 or so years and each show was great to Fully Inspired. I definitely look forward to catching them on the upcoming tour...especially since Eric Slick is supposed to be in the band. Best drummer I've seen in years."

"I can honestly say though, that Eric Slick is worlds beyond Glenn Leonard as a drummer. There's no comparison. I wouldn't call P/O "tight as catshit" but you have to consider that for ZPZ, they rehearse one set of songs in one configuration and play them the same way through every show, minus solos. Rehearsing the same set of songs for months on end in the same order and having the kind of budget to be able to make it your full time job (as ticket prices for ZPZ would indicate) then of course you're going to sound tighter. P/O's repertoire is far more vast and varies much more from night to night so that people who go to multiple shows on a tour aren't stuck with the same songs night after night."

"I havent read the whole thread, but as bad as i feel saying it, gleneord was not fit for the gig. taking that into consideration i still went and have seen p/o maybe 10-15 times over the years. eric (or any other drummer for that matter) was needed to bring the band to the next level. these guys have a ton of heart, and basically lose money going out to do it, so i have a lot of respect for them..."

Regarding the Adrian Belew Power Trio gig in Seattle, Washington on September 15, 2007 with Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto, here's the official Press Release
Finally, no sooner is Eric back in Philadelphia than the phone calls start. He's got a gig tomorrow with Cheers Elephant at the Race Street Cafe; speaking of Cheers Elephant, they have a gig this Friday night at John and Peters in New Hope, and since their bass player is Julie's boyfriend, Matt, we are all going to this show, but not Eric, who has a gig with Project Object's incredible bass player, Dave Johnsen at the Wired Cafe and Gallery...then of course the following week there's more insanity - Eric has a gig Thursday night at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, New Jersey with Crescent Moon...and both Julie and Eric board a plane early Friday morning August 17 for Nashville to begin the August/September leg of the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour...that day happens to be my birthday but we're going to celebrate it Wednesday night August 15 -- assuming there are no more surprise gigs, if not, I will wait until I join the tour on August 25 in West Palm Beach to party it up.

Oh, I noticed a new show has been added - the trio will now be playing September 10, 2007 in Monterrey, Mexico at Teatro De La Ciudad. I am so there!

The hell with celebrating my birthday on the 17th -- ha ha - at my age, it doesn't matter. Besides, every day in this family is some sort of celebration.

Okay, that's the music news of the day...more on the writing front tomorrow or maybe this afternoon -- good news permitting.