Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adrian Belew Power Trio - More Goodies from the Tour

Yes! Two for the price of one - a ten minute clip featuring Frame by Frame, Three of a Perfect Pair, and my personal heartwarming moment, the evening's final bow, filmed at Stella Blue Live, Asheville, N.C. on Sunday, August 19, 2007

This You Tube is courtesy of ValenZerProductions.

So I am getting ready to hop a flight for Florida this morning to catch the The Adrian Belew Power Trio show at The Theatre in West Palm Beach, but before I go, a couple of things.

First, I joined the Adrian Belew Facebook Network, which was lovingly created by uber-fans Wendy Lozenicins and Gareth Howells. I'm still getting used to navigating the site but I have to admit, so far I prefer it over MySpace though I'm pretty technology challenged as concerns both. Sigh...I hope at some point I'll be able to figure these things out and get really creative with them because I know how excellent they are for networking music and writing-wise.

Next, you know I can't leave for the weekend without posting a couple more reviews:

From Gail:

August 24, 2007 - Friday

Jack Rabbits Again Last Night-Adrian Belew Power Trio

"Um, the warm up guy, Saul Zonana was great. Beautiful guitar work and gregarious and funny on stage. We got there about 4 songs into his set and heard about 6, all were good, and one was about a blow up doll. Bought his most recent cd and I will be buying the one with "Bette" the sex toy on it.Don't pass up a chance to see him. I won't.

Adrian Belew, The Adrian Belew Power Trio. Guitar master. Leaning toward Jazz on most of his stuff until the last 3 or 4 songs. Then it was gut wrenching rock. "Power Trio" was an apt description. The kids sitting in with him on drums and bass are unbelievable. Age 20 and 21, brother and sister. Eric and Julie Slick from Philadelphia. Watching them was worth the price of admission!...

From the beautiful Ms. Kat:

"...I went to Smith's Olde Bar last night and met freakin' Adrian Belew of King Crimson fame (see the picture I took on Richie's Myspace*). HOW COOL IS THAT??? He puts on one of the greatest shows ever. And the brother-and-sister bass and drums combo he has playing with him are positively phenomenal, and I mean that. Julie Slick could give Richie a run for his money and win. Eric Slick was sitting there playing Bill Bruford better than Bill. 20 and 21 years old, from Philadelphia, and unbelievably cool (go Flyers!). They have MySpace profiles, check 'em out.

That really was one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life
. Thank you Allison for reminding us (and for dinner)!!! I'll post pics from the show on my Flickr real soon"

*Note from our author here...I think I found "Richie's" MySpace site with all of the cool photos -- here is the link, which does in fact include a comment from Ms. Kat:

"Ohhh I'm so jealous... you got a picture of half the drummer's face =) I'll get my pics up soon, hopefully.

thanks for reminding us, and for dinner, darling, I had a blast

Posted by Miss Kat on August 24, 2007 - Friday at 1:22 PM"

Okay, holy cow, I just realized what time it is...I'm not even done packing and I've got to be at the airport in an hour!