Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bloglock Holiday

Me practically inhaling a glass of wine at the Lit Lounge in New York City after spending the day shopping on the Upper West Side with Julie

So as I talked about here a few days ago, I'm leaving tomorrow morning for five days at the RT Convention where I will be cavorting as a faery one night and on another evening as the-more-likely-of-the-two-scenarios -- a vampire.

Kill me now. Please. I'm begging you.

Oh, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

Sadly, I'm not taking a laptop with me because even though for once I was organized enough to ship a lot of books and other assorted things to the hotel by UPS, I ended up forgetting a lot of it so I've already got a huge stuffed carry-on bag and something I hope passes for a handbag or I'm screwed and will have to check one of them in.

Anyway, what this means is, unless the hotel has a place where I can go on line for several minutes uninterrupted, I may not be back here until Monday.

Yes, I know. You are all heartbroken.

But I will try. I'll have my camera with me and it would be a blast to blog live from this thing...you know, posting photos of half naked male cover models vying for the title of Mr. Romance...middle aged women in vampire outfits...

Oh god. Please kill me. I'm not kidding this time.

Yeah, I am.

I do have some cool writing news before I leave. I was graciously invited by Mark Bastable and Karen Dionne to be on a panel called "Writing the Edge” at the BackSpace Writers Conference which is held at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City. Authors Marlys Pearson, Jackie Kessler, and yours truly will address gay Regency romance, paranormal steamy romance, and my specialty, humorous erotica...and what it's like to be outside of the mainstream. I believe tickets are still available for this conference and you can order them via the above link.

Sounds like a lot of fun, and we kick off with drinks on Wednesday, May 30 through Friday June 1, 2007.

Wait. We won't be drinking straight through those three days, we'll be working.

We'll be drinking through the night.

Oh, I'm kidding again. These are just my "Oh my god I have to get on a flight tomorrow morning headed for Houston, Texas where I must dress as a faery and vampire" nerves.


In the event I do not find my way back online until Monday, in the words of the great Neil Gaiman, please don't break the Internet while I'm gone.



peanut and planet said...

have fun and take lots of pictures.
fairy. hmmmmmmm.
vampire. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

RobinSlick said...

I will try.

Hey, you're in NYC now, right? Did you know Neil Gaiman is in NYC all week, giving incredible readings with incredible writers and other luminaries? Did you know my higher power has the world's most twisted sense of humor and is sending me to Dubya country, a/k/a Texas, this week instead where they just had a killer tornado last night?


Go see Neil. Tell him I said Hi! You can get the hows and where on his website.

And yeah, yeah, I'll post photos. Someone should have a laugh over this debacle since it's not going to be me.

Susan said...

Robin, I just readyour psychotic reaction in The Noveltown Review. Loved it! And I vote: #4 (Other).

Daryl Darko said...

your husband, and well, ME! (you forget how old, and well, cool i am!)

have yourself a nice little DREADLOCK HOLIDAY!

I hurried back to the swimming pool
Sinkin' pina coladas
I heard a dark voice beside me say
Would you like something harder
She said I've got it you want it
My harvest is the best
And if you try it you'll like it
And wallow in a Blog-lock Holiday

And I say
Don't like Jamaica oh no
I love her
Don't like Jamaica oh no
I love her oh yea
Don't you walk thru her words
You got to show some respect
Don't you walk thru her words
'Cause you ain't heard her out yet

I don't like cricket
I love it (Blog-lock Holiday)
I don't like reggae
I love it (Blog-lock Holiday)
Don't like Jamaica
I love her (Blog-lock Holiday)

hahahahaha, love ya babe. have the greatest time. dar.