Friday, September 08, 2006

What kind of shampoo do you think Neil Gaiman uses?

What kind of shampoo does Neil Gaiman use? I have no idea, but Susan Henderson really wants to know!

Oh okay, so do I. (Not that I'm going to go out and buy it and slather myself with it or anything...)

So it's been a slow week in House of Slick for a change but here's what is going on:

(1) Another Bite of the Apple is now #15 on the best seller list over at Fictionwise, and remains "highest rated in erotica". So that's pretty cool;

(2) I googled myself (be quiet!) and found a review of Opium Magazine, which has been kind enough to publish a few of my stories over the years...and what do you think the reviewer did...out of like a gazillion pieces (Opium publishes daily), she chose to critique my story, Embouchure, as an example of the fine writing contained therein which was pretty thrilling, considering the list of luminaries they do publish;

(3) Eric got backstage passes from his good friend John Wetton and will be hanging out in New York City today with John, Steve Howe, Geoff Downes, and Carl Palmer;

(4) Speaking of Eric, he has updated his tour blog and I know he hates when I say this, but the boy can really write;

(5) I am having brunch on Sunday at the "Oh My God Everything is a Penis" Restaurant (More on that event in a Sunday afternoon/night or Monday morning blogpost because I am bringing my camera along to take photos as proof) with two of my favorite writers in the world, author extraordinaire Ellen Meister and the Grandmaster of Flash himself, Randall Brown. And even though Ellen is a great friend, my copy of her fabulous book is still unsigned, so Ellen, if you are reading this, I'm giving you two days to think of something wonderful and witty to inscribe in my copy of Applewood because yes, I want to include it in the photos at the Penis Restaurant.

I think that about covers it for now. I told you it's been a pretty uneventful week!

Ha ha. Not really, huh.



Ellen said...

Uh-oh. You let the penis out of the bag and now I'm worried that Randall won't show up. But he's man enough to handle an all-penis restaurant, isn't he?

Anyway, pressure! I have to think of what to write in your book ...

Can't wait to see you, Rob!


Susan Henderson said...

Okay, no slathering maybe, but you'll sniff the shampoo he uses, right?

I was at the drugstore last month, sniffing shampoos, when I squeezed too hard and got it all over my nose and the bottle. I was so embarrassed and trying to be nonchalant about putting everything back when I heard over the loudspeaker, "Clean up in the shampoo aisle!"

I'm sure I'll hear more about this restaurant soon. Next time I see you two, if it's okay, I'd rather just do Mexican.

RobinSlick said...

Aw, Randall can take it...he'll probably even turn it into a short story.

The penises are so subtle, Ellen, that I didn't even notice daughter the prude did! But yep, even the china teapot has a penis for a spout.

Ha ha to the shampoo sniffing, Sue. And um, yep, you're right. Too funny about the clean up announcement but hey, it could have been worse -- like, if you were checking out laxatives...(do they still make Exlax in chocolate? Do parents still torture their kids with that stuff? Ah, growing up in the sixties...we had all kinds of sadistic things done to us)

Susan Henderson said...

I like his scruffy, haven't-touched-my-hair-yet look best.


RobinSlick said...

I like the image of the two of us on either side of him (like Snow White and Rose Red) sniffing his hair while he multi-tasks.

"Don't mind us, Neil. Just write a script, plan a tour, open the mail, take care of your family, talk on the phone...we don't mind, really. We're just here to bury our noses in your head and sigh."

Susan Henderson said...

Thank you, cutie, for bringing such a nice balance to the discussion over at LitPark.

I have some news but can't share it just yet.