Saturday, September 02, 2006

Couple of Quick Things...

Julie Slick with the Adrian Belew Power Trio at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia last month

Hey hey, Happy Labor Day Weekend...

A few quick notes and then I'll let you all go back to bed.

First, when I posted the Adrian Belew article from Pollstar yesterday, I had no idea it was the headlines! I found it via Google, which just took me to the article itself. But yep, The Belew Tour made the front page, in between an article about the Rolling Stones and Farm Aid! So like, this means something major, you know? I'm posting the correct link right here -- see for yourself!

Second, I see it's listed in a couple of places that the trio is performing at the Santa Fe Brew Co. in Phoenix on November 4 -- that should actually be Santa Fe Brew Co. in Santa Fe, New Mexico (and I know I have a reader from Richard...mark that date on your calendar or...or...I'll put a curse on you)

Third, and this is so totally cool, on the November 10 date in Saratoga, CA and the November 14 date in Eugene, OR, Adrian, Julie, and Eric will be joined by The California Guitar Trio. If I wasn't eating my heart out before, I'm pretty much devouring it now.

Fourth, I have it on good authority that my friend, brilliant author Kat Denza, has landed an agent at Trident Media Group. Take a look at their list of clients to see just how huge this is...and it couldn't happen to a sweeter, more deserving person.

Finally, because I added the link later in yesterday's post and many of you might not have seen it, please go check out Susan Henderson's beautiful new website. Sue is one of the most generous, talented people I know and visiting her site daily is a must.

Both Kat and Sue are tireless in their promotion and nurturing of fellow writers and I'm thrilled to be even a little part of their respective worlds.

Okay, I think that covers it for today but if not, I'll be back...