Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another Quick One...

Eric Slick and Carolyn Pagnotta with Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters -- photo taken last month in Philadelphia when the Foo Fighters hung around and watched Eric, Julie, and Adrian Belew doing their soundcheck for the World Cafe Live Show

Hey hey:

A couple of quick notes while I scurry around here this morning doing nine million things -- i.e., finishing the final edits on my novel now known as "Daddy Left Me Alone with God", editing a wonderful new story by one of my fellow Phaze authors (yep, I took on that gig and am really enjoying myself), and compulsively checking the stats at Fictionwise where I remain #1 highest rated in erotica and have moved to #25 on the best seller list, which also caused its prequel, Three Days in New York City to skyrocket to #211 out of 1,974 books in that genre...not bad for a book that's been out almost two years.

Eric and Julie continue to make splashes on rock forum boards all across the universe...I found stuff on Mike Keneally's Google Group, United Mutations, Primus, and Bela Fleck's site.

That's just for starters but I'm running out of time...I've allotted myself just an hour for internet play this morning.

Soo...back to editing, writing, and then a trip to Rittenhouse Square where...gasp...I told an attorney I would help him out a couple days a week.

Don't ask.



lisaannette said...

6:35 Houston

Nice pic with the Foo Fighters.

They were in Japan last year promoting "In Your Honor" at the same festival as Adrian - the name escapes me now.

Kudos to you & the kids.

Myfanwy Collins said...

Congrats on finishing up the final edits!!! That is excellent news!


Anonymous said...

Love that photo and congrats on your success, Robin. No wonder your kids are doing so great. And final edits, woooo hoooooooo!


Susan Henderson said...

Great photo.

Here's some goofy trivia. When I was in high school, there was a boy on my crew team I had a crush on. (I had a crush on a good 20 of them, but this one was near the top.) This will be related to Dave Grohl, don't worry. And at the end of each crew season, we'd have these huge parties and the girls would kind of lay dibs on which guys we had our eyes on. So I didn't want to show my cards but I was into this one who was a little bit punk and in a band. And at the party, it was all a blur and the guy I liked got scooped up so I ended up kissing some guy Ian, who gave me mono.


I recently ran across the other and he was the producer of the Nirvana albums and is now in another band.

And our other connection is that the guy's sister and I both shared "the Greek guy" - did you ever read that story I wrote about the blue madrigals dress?

Okay, enough trivia for the day. I'm thrilled that your book is doing so well. Someone's going to snatch it up and republish it with a bigger house. You watch!

Katie said...

Drool, mmm, Dave Grohl.

Congratulations on your edits!

Susan Henderson said...
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