Saturday, May 06, 2006

Project Object in Baltimore tonight!

Project Object on tour: The two Erics

So I've been getting antsy because I haven't found any new reviews of the Project Object tour but they've left the south and did a gig in Harrisburg, PA last night and will be in Baltimore, Maryland tonight where -- yay -- I will finally be seeing my son again. I cannot wait for this show! I've spoken with Eric on the phone and he told me they are unbelievably tight as a band right now after three weeks on the road and he wishes this could go on forever. Anyway, the venue this evening is another cool one, namely, Rams Head Live and the Omega Rock School All-Stars will be their opening act.

No post yesterday because I wasn't home most of the morning dealing with lovely things like having air shot into my eyeballs. Not for the sqeamish. Ha, actually, I went to see the eye doctor because I needed a new rx for contacts and apparently this air thing is what they do to you instead of eye drops now. I don't know, all I can tell you is after having to stare into a brightly lit box and click on a mouse every time I saw a squiggly line which made me have flashbacks to the seventies and drug memories, the grand prize was a shot of air into my cornea. I mean, it didn't hurt, it was just a totally weird sensation and then uh oh, the doctor said "next eye" and I thought FUCK you mean I have to do this again, it wasn't both eyes? So the whole time I'm clicking the mouse that time instead of getting all trippy I'm waiting with a sinking stomach for that blast in the eye and honestly, I am the world's biggest baby, I wanted to cry out STOP I CAN'T TAKE THIS even though I knew it was nothing and didn't really hurt.

So that kind of destroyed my day.

Then I got home and the construction noise next door had reached an all time fevered pitch. I just kind of threw my hands up in the air and thought forget it, I'm getting no writing done today. This pissed me off because I'd just received major edits for my new book with a deadline of oh, like three days. And as I said, tonight I'm traveling to Baltimore. soon as I'm done this post, it's off to write and tomorrow I'm clearing everyone from this house, putting on headphones, and diving headfirst into an editing/writing marathon. Last evening I had a crappy sleepless night worrying about it all and then for once I got rational -- I decided instead of tossing and turning with fear I should just think about the edits so that's what I did and knock wood, I think I'm in pretty good shape right now as to proceed.

But of course I'll take sanity breaks throughout today and if I find any Project Object news/reviews, I'll come in here with my ETAs and stick them in this post.

Anyway, one thing that did make me laugh yesterday is a newsletter I received from my new pal, The Idiot Bastard. As I mentioned, he visited my blog and wrote to me with Neil Gaiman questions because he really didn't know anything about him and he's a big Tori Amos fan and the two of them are friends blah blah blah...and then Andrew (The Idiot Bastard) ended up taking the Which Neil Gaiman book are you quiz I'd posted and we had an email exchange over that. So I broke up laughing when I received said newsletter because I saw the following notation at the bottom:

"If you don't want to be included on the distribution of future Newsletters from The Idiot, please send an email with "I'm Coraline" in the subject line. On the other hand, if you know someone who might like to receive these updates, write and ask for them to be added to the list."

Ha! That's great, Andrew. You made me laugh out loud.

And now on to some serious business. Sorry.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I despise Republicans and everything they stand for. One issue I'm especially furious about is their stance on gun control. And so I'm particularly heartbroken over the following events which have occurred in the past few weeks:

This is where my mother, the kids' dad, and I went to high school.

This is where my kids' dad played football and well, played in general his entire young life.

This is where I've lived since 1978. These are my neighbors.