Monday, May 01, 2006

I got nothing...

Eric Slick and Project Object last week in Boston

Today is kind of crazy; the construction continues next door to the point where I'm afraid to leave because I'm seriously thinking my house is going to end up damaged in some way...right now it feels like a major earthquake is going on.

I was so nuts I actually did some domestic goddess work this morning. I mean, I cleaned the place so it will be all tidy when it goes crashing to the street below.

Hmm, sounds like I'm getting a reprieve and, they must be on lunch break now so I'm doing the Project Object OCD thing, looking for reviews, etc. but so far, nothing, unless you count the bt torrent things fans are posting and which I am too technology challenged to download myself. Oh Eric, I miss you! (I not only need him here for stuff like that but for updating my website which hasn't been updated since like 2004 but blogging is a hell of a lot easier if you ask me)

Hey, if any of you are in the Charleston, South Carolina area, tonight Eric and Project Object will be at The Pour House.

I hope I'm allowed to say this, but the two nights with Denny Walley sitting in on slide guitar were so fantastic that he and Eric...never mind, let's just say that after Eric played his first song on the second night, Denny turned to him and said "Jesus Christ you're like a fucking roaring train," which is a high compliment when you consider the source and I'd better stop now before the tears start and I really start blabbing...

Also, I believe that after the show in Georgia, Seahag left the band for some other committments, and that's a major bummer but I understand he's re-joining them on the final week back east. Seahag is just an amazing, amazing guitarist but so is Andre and so is Ike and I'm sure the two of them will keep up the standard of excellence that is Project Object. I'm not sure if they've talked Robbie (Seahag) into coming back for the Baltimore show on Saturday night but I know for sure he'll be at the New York show the following evening (May 7 at Coda) so I'm kinda waiting to see what he does before I make my decision as to what show(s) I'm attending.

Oh, who am I kidding. You know I'm going to both regardless. I'll find a way. Rochester is going to be a problem, though. I looked into Amtrak - a two train switch and a ten hour ride?! I mean, it's only 250 miles away. So then I looked into a flight. This you can't believe altogether. A non-stop flight to Rochester, overnight, is $946.00. Thank you, Mr. President. The oil companies made how much in profits this year?

I fucking hate him and his whole administration. Have I mentioned that lately?

And that's not just because I'm frustrated over construction noise and no new reviews on the Project Object front, either.

So how cool is Neil Young? He's streaming his entire new very anti-war CD on line right here.

Ack! I spoke too soon. It sounds like they are ripping the wall out of my kitchen. Okay, must go investigate to see if I still have a said kitchen.