Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tonight at Abilene: McRad with Julie Slick on bass

Here's a photo of Julie when she played with McRad in Liverpool in October...sob...oh man, have I mentioned how much I want to go back to England?

Yeah, so Eric Slick/Project Object have the day off today as they make their way to Cleveland and Chicago for the midwest portion of the tour so wasn't it ever so nice of daughter Julie to give her mother some vicarious thrills by sitting in on bass with McRad tonight at Abilene?

Here's the official poster for the show:


So as most Philadelphians know, Abilene is at 429 South Street and if you're in the area, go out and support these bands. I unfortunately will not be there tonight because I'm still nursing my Disco Biscuit wounds of this past weekend. (Wounded pride, that is...i.e....who is that old weird chick in line?)

But in honor of said event, Julie and I are going out to breakfast somewhere cool this morning -- most likely Sabrina's:

For some reason, they don't have their breakfast menu here but trust me, it's to die for. Usually stuff like fresh fruit and marscapone stuffed french toast, huge pecan pancakes, fresh veggie omelets and truly great home fries..

After that, I will in fact play stage mother and "force" Julie into going with me to a really hip store I just discovered which sells perfect stuff to wear on stage, especially if the band is punk. It's owned by the wife of a guy in a rock band I met while having my hair done because you know, I can never shut up when it comes to music, writing, and my kiddies.

Anyway, getting back to Eric, he told me that basically they've been playing sold out shows every night -- the Boston show was packed with Berklee students -- and the reception has been amazing. Hopefully more people will post film clips and other stuff on the Project Object and Frank Zappa forum boards today.

Sigh...I really miss Eric but I'm so thrilled for him -- he's really getting to live his dream and how many of us are lucky enough to do that?

Okay, it's only 8:00 a.m. and Ms. Julie is kicking me out the door to eat and then shop (she's got class at noon and then rehearsal with McRad) so I will most likely be back with another post later this afternoon once this trip is over (and I am sure it will not be uneventful as trips with Julie never are) and I hear from Eric as to how the Connecticut show went last night and how he must feel after playing drums for like six hours straight with two bands.

And I may even have some writing news!



Susan Henderson said...

Julie's a doll. I hope you had a great and lavish breakfast.

RobinSlick said...

Julie is a doll, you're right, but oh boy do I have a story for tomorrow.

Almost...but not good as what's going on in your backyard.

Can I come live in your treehouse? It figures that your boys have something every kid (and adults like me) would kill for and they don't play in it. But I bet you give them a big old cardboard carton the size of a refrigerator and they'll have fun for months. Julie actually turned two into a subdivision...we had tract housing in our living room and she carefully painted windows, doors, etc. and it was so, so awesome...except for the fact they took up our entire living room. My mother-in-law gave her yellow crime tape as a gift (yep, the entire family is nuts) so she roped that around her housing project to deter me from going anywhere near it.

As if.

I cried harder than she did when it finally fell apart months later and if you can believe this, the "panels" are still in my basement some ten or twelve years later.

Susan Henderson said...

My kids would LOVE yellow crime tape. The backyard certainly looks like something that needs to be roped off.

Looking forward to your story tomorrow. Did you see the picture of Neil Gaiman and the cat?

RobinSlick said...

Yeah, of course I saw the photo of Neil and the cat and you ruined the surprise, that was going to be my present for you tomorrow.

Oh well.

God. I think I'll take the memory of that photo upstairs to bed with me right now...

And where the hell is he? Update your damn blog, Neil!