Monday, April 24, 2006

Eric Slick/Project Object -- More of the Tour; Robin Slick -- Life is a Chore

Eric Svalgard on keys and Eric Slick on drums with Project Object at Martyrs in Chicago (Nice hats, guys)

Okay, just a few more proud mother comments here as additional reviews come in from the Chicago show Saturday night...and I'm finding this stuff using Google blogsearch and visiting forum boards, etc. which is becoming a full-time job. Ha! I seriously need to get back to my own writing but I could not resist posting these today:

floatingpancake wrote,
I think last night's show was probably the tightest playing I've ever seen. Unfucking-believable. One of the best shows I will ever see, hands down. Yeah.. Yesterday was a bit wild. I woke up at 1:30 today and am just now trying to remember what it's like to be alive. I got some great footage of the show with my camera which I can't wait to see.

Their drummer is only freaking 18 years old. Insane.

I want to chill out and just refresh my mind. I can't even really think what to type right now, except that I fucked up and never set my alarm the other night, and missed out on getting Tool tix. I feel like a real fuck for that. anyhow time to have a coffee and plan for the day

Here's another nice one:

Eric Slick is P/O's new little Tony Williams... ya know how TW came into Miles band in the 60s and shook shit up by driving tempo etc...? Eric gets into it! He has a great effect on the rest of the band...

And finally:

I've seen P/O 5 times. This was BY FAR the best they've ever sounded. The addition of Sea Hag and Mr. Slick on drums just sent them over the top. As an example of how well the former plays, think of all the written out parts after the solo in Inca Roads. He played that stuff with the greatest of ease.


So good on Eric - the tour isn't even two weeks old yet and I miss him so much I can't bear it. Ah, so this is a taste of my imminent future. Julie's boyfriend is actively looking for an apartment, so it appears I'm going to be hit with empty nest syndrome all at once.

Oh well. It'll all be fine, assuming I use the spare time to write. But another morning like this one, and I will not make it through another day.

They moved the mailbox that's been on my corner for twenty years. I do not know where they moved it. I walked all over the fucking neighborhood with the dog in pouring rain, I asked neighbors -- they were all clueless as well. So then I called my local post office.

"Um, can you tell me where the mailbox is that used to be at 22nd and..?" I asked whoever answered the phone -- a woman who obviously did not have her coffee yet and was not prepared to deal with a soaking wet, cold, angry me.

"There is no mailbox there, Miss."

"Yes, I know that. Where did they move it?"



"Yes. It hasn't been moved."

"But...look, I was just there. It's gone."

"I know."

"Was it stolen?" (Can you steal a mailbox? Aren't they like bolted/cemented to the ground?)


"So. You know there's no mailbox there anymore; it hasn't been moved, it hasn't been know what, I really don't care. I just want to mail my bills. Well, I really don't want to mail my bills, but I have to. So where are you telling me I should go?"

And then she names a spot six blocks away across a busy street. Are you fucking kidding me? That's my new mailbox?

I realized I would get absolutely nowhere now and then said, Screw you, I'll never pay for another stamp again, all of my bills are now getting paid on line.

Arghhh...and then I encountered the evil that is Comcast.

I tried paying on line, I really did. They told me my user name and password were wrong. Even though I knew for sure it was correct and even answered the security question correctly, it still came up "invalid".

So then I called them. Forty-five minutes later...and I swear...I'm still shaking...I manage to make a check by phone payment, only to be disconnected before I got my confirmation number. Now you know I'm way too paranoid to let that one go, especially as Comcast is my cable provider and trust me, they will cut you off if your bill isn't paid monthly and on time.

I called back.

Good thing I did; the computer didn't "take" my payment.

"Um, what happens if it did and I end up paying you guys $400.00 this month instead of $200?"

"Oh, we'll just credit you."

"No! I would want the money back. Can't you make sure this doesn't happen?"

"There's no way I can do that, Ms. Slick. I suggest you make your payments on line."

"I tried to do that! It wouldn't let me!"

"Let me connect you with the internet department directly. They'll be able to help you."


Twenty minutes and I'm still on hold...then I start listening to the recorded message for real that I'd been hearing all twenty minutes and realized I was in the wrong place, anyway, this was for people with Comcast internet connection problems. I was merely trying to set up a pay on-line account for my cable tv.'s now 9:38 a.m. I've technically been trying to pay my cable bill since 7:00 a.m. if you count walking the dog and helplessly trying to find a mail box that I guess I dreamt existed for the past twenty years.

I seriously feel like I'm having a stroke. So. I am off to have a cup of green tea and my blood pressure medication and will try not to let what just happened fuck with my entire day and keep me from writing.

Because I still have my gas and electric bills to pay...

(Oh my something is wrong with and I've been trying to post this for the past three hours. What the fuck is going on in my world today? I feel like pounding my fist through the monitor!!! Oh god, I just checked the blogger forum board, like I have nothing better to do. Yep, there are problems but here I go to drive myself a little more nuts...I'm gonna try once more to publish this thing though according to the blogger forum, it's not gonna be fixed until "the Google boys in California arrive sipping their Starbucks 1:00 p.m. eastern time")

Serenity now! Serenity now!