Monday, August 22, 2005

Steve Almond, Stuart Dybek, and...Robin Slick?!

Ha ha, if you're a writer or a short story fan, I knew the heading of this post would get your attention.

But yeah, it's true, one of my short stories is in the Smokelong Annual Anthology 2004-2005 along with short stories by famous and respected authors Steve Almond and Stuart Dybek. Actually, here's the complete list of all writers included, and while some may not be household names, trust me on this, they are all incredible:

SmokeLong Annual 2004-2005 Authors: Steve Almond, Bob Arter, Stephen Ausherman, Grant Bailie, Rusty Barnes, Christian Bell, Andrew Bomback, Randall Brown, Lisa K. Buchanan, Daphne Buter, Gary Cadwallader, Kim Chinquee, Jai Clare, Myfanwy Collins, Terry DeHart, Anglea Delarmente, James Devitt, Katrina Denza, Spencer Dew, Steve Dunn, Stuart Dybek, Pia Z. Ehrhardt, Michelle Garren Flye, Scott Ford, Alexandra Fox, Avital Gad-Cykman, Donna Gagnon, Alicia Gifford, Elspeth Graty, Steven Gullion, Frank Haberle, Judd Hampton, Susan Henderson, Tiff Holland, David H. S. Hubert , Richard Hulse, Beverly Jackson, Tom Jackson, Robert S. Jersak, Liesl Jobson, Roy Kesey, Ian Kita, Miriam N. Kotzin, Roderick Leyland, Pasha Malla, John McCaffrey, Saundra Mitchell, Karen Simpson Nikakis, Carol Novack, Bea Pantoja, Cami Park, Ellen Parker, Patricia Parkinson, Henry Presente, Peggy M. Price, M. Lynx Qualey, Brian Reynolds, Ellen M. Rhudy, Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Max Ruback, Astrid Schott, Kay Sexton, Tomi Shaw, Maggie Shearon, Robin Slick, Claudia Smith, Ira Socol, Henry Stanton, Bob Thurber, Andrew Tibbetts, Paul A. Toth, Sam Vaknin, Peter Vaudry-Brown, Ann Walters, Lesley C. Weston, Jensen Whelan, Joseph Young, Mike Young.

Anyway, for a really good read and to support your the literary community in general, you can order this book for a paltry sum right here.
In other news, sorry for the lack of posting but you know, the Rock School days are basically over; I quit my job to write full's what I've been up to. Or trying. At least that's the theory. First up is finishing (finally!) the sequel to Three Days in New York City...all I have to do is run through some edits and make a few tweaks and pray my publisher is happy; then it's back to my continuing saga, a total rework of my mid life crisis memoir.

But...I do have music info as concerns new, separate projects for both Julie and Eric and it's kind of exciting. Julie has been working with singer/songwriter Matt Duke, who has a CD in rotation at WXPN and also appeared at their recent singer/songwriter festival, and Eric will be performing at the Indie Music Conference here in Philadelphia in a couple of weeks with Shannon Penn and he's now the drummer in her band. When I get the word, I'll spill more details about future tours and shows for both Julie and Eric so watch this space.

Meanwhile, I hope some of you have caught the kids on Queer Eye. It's really fun and I know for sure it will be rerun one final time this week, at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. It may very well also be shown sometime today or earlier tomorrow as well...check the schedule at Actually, I just found out it's on 11:00 a.m. this morning.

Oh yeah, one other thing...I was kind of bummed to miss the Opium reading this Saturday night. I heard it was amazing. But I've been to New York so many times this year and get this: I had a chance to buy new furniture so I passed it up and stayed in Philly so I could take care of that. Oh my god, does this mean I'm an adult? Nah, I bought lipstick red suede sofas, a coffee table made of green, black, and clear glass discs, and a dining room set which looks like it belongs in a futuristic bar, so at least I'm still a little cool.

Okay, I'm not cool, I'm a fucking yuppie who passed up a hip reading in NYC featuring a lot of my friends and some pretty brilliant authors to buy sofas. Kill me now, please.

Oh, but they're so pretty and comfy...and the dining room set has suede seats, too.

Yikes. Where's that gun?

Finally, have I mentioned how much I love being out of the 9-5 work force? Oh my god, I'm drunk with freedom. Nah, not that drunk. In fact, right now I'm off to do laundry and then knock out a few chapters.

Life is good. (And my new furniture will be here next week. Ha!)