Sunday, June 12, 2005

So Eric Slick of Flamingo, Atlas et al play the North Star and the bouncer gets shot!

Eric, Joey Randazzo, and Teddi Tarnoff at the L.A. premiere of Rock School

Oh my god. Just got back from the North Star Bar where I heard an unbelievable set by War's End, my son's band, Flamingo...and then..when his dad went out for a cigarette break right before Atlas took the stage, he was told we were in a lock down...the bouncer...the guy who took our ticket shot while my son was on stage playing.

They had us in said lock down; there were nine million police cars, every news station...arghhhh.....what a way to end an evening of unbelievably fantastic music.

I hope the guy's okay...I guess I'll be watching us all on the news in a few minutes.

But let me say this: All three bands are incredible. Each very different, each with amazing stage presence and musicianship...and I am so freaking proud to be associated with these kids. What really touched me were the parents who came out...whose kids aren't even in the three bands that played...Stevie Roberts' mom and dad, Joe and Kate; a lovely English woman whose name I can't remember but her young son was in Jesus Christ Superstar with Eric.

There's no jealousy, no competition between these three bands. They cheer each other on; when Haffie's guitar went out of tune during a Flamingo number, Jeremy (of Atlas) handed him his; in the meantime, Louie, who isn't in any of the three bands, tuned Haffie's guitar and jumped back on stage to hand it to him a few minutes later.

It's just a beautiful, beautiful thing to see (and hear!).

Again, I know I'm getting old with this, but I know who I have to thank for this, and I wish I could say it was me (ha), but it's not - it's Paul Green.

What an amazing night of music by his All-Stars out on their own.
Holy crap - just watched the news. The bouncer is in critical condition, fighting for his life. Oh my god....