Saturday, June 11, 2005

Rock School at the Ritz Five

Okay, the good news is that there were really great crowds at the Ritz Five in Philadelphia to see Rock School last night. But it wasn't a sell out, and we need to do that tonight and tomorrow. Here's a direct link to buy tickets on line in advance. You merely click on the time you want to see the movie and it'll take you right to the ticket office.


Also, if you are in NY tonight, you can do a doubleheader. See the movie, then head over to the Knitting Factory to see three most excellent bands made up of students/graduates of the Paul Green School of Rock performing all original music.

The bands are:

(1) War's End - featuring Rock School great Joey Randazzo a/k/a Joey Reno
(2) Flamingo - featuring Julia Rainer, Eric Slick, Andrew Haff, Matt Manser, and Dan Nitz
(3) Atlas, featuring Jeremy Blessing, Dom Malandro, Brandon King, and Max DiMezza

This same trio will do a repeat performance tomorrow night at the North Star bar and you can get tickets here.

I wish I could make the NY gig tonight but the back still kills though I am going to do everything possible to make the movie tonight at the Ritz Five and the North Star gig.

Long live rock and all that...