Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The New Yorker Loves Rock School and Oh, Oh, it's ken*again!

Issue of 2005-06-27
Posted 2005-06-20
A new documentary by the first-time filmmaker Don Argott, about the Paul Green School of Rock Music, in Philadelphia. Green takes a position of zero condescension toward his students, ages nine to seventeen—demanding a lot, loudly and profanely voicing his displeasure when they fall short. He can be a self-serving, if self-aware, pain in the ass, but there’s some topnotch comedy material in his rants. The film follows the students as they prepare for a Frank Zappa festival in Germany, tackling some of the most difficult and sophisticated music in the rock canon. Beyond the chords and the rhythms, Green’s method is about imbuing the kids with a confident look-at-me attitude. The finale at the Zappa festival is not only a musical triumph but also tremendously moving.—Ken Marks (Lincoln Square and Village Theatre VII.)

So I see that review was written by "Ken" Marks, and therefore, this must be Happy Ken day in my life because in other news, I have a new short story published today in the summer issue of ken*again

(and yeah, yeah, I don't know what those two fingers are hiding, either, since it's common knowledge Ken has no genitalia. I figured this out when I was a kid, undressed him, and taped him to a naked Barbie in hopes she'd get pregnant and provide me with a Midge or Skipper doll but, you know, that, too, ended up being just another childhood fantasy shot to hell...)

Anyway, Happy Ken Day to all! And as you can see, Ken and Barbie are apparently eternal optimists...