Monday, June 06, 2005

More Rock School!

Okay, in spite of mainly fantastic reviews from everyone from Rolling Stone to Roger Ebert, people did not exactly come out in droves to see the movie this weekend. This breaks my heart -- not because of my own kids -- but because this is a truly wonderful, wonderful documentary and deserves much better. Don Argott and Sheena Joyce did a brilliant job on this film; Paul Green is a hilarious, compelling subject; and the kids are magical. So I urge you all to see the movie and write reviews for sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon, etc. so that Rock School gets the respect it deserves.

I have a lot more to say on the subject but unfortunately, I'm having the back spasms from hell combined with a low grade fever and can't sit at the computer any longer. I will try and be back this afternoon because I want to discuss the movie a lot more as well as some other stuff...

Like, the Rock School benefit Friday night; a cocktail party I attended on behalf of my friend, brilliant author Ellen Meister in honor of her new book (a lot more on that when I can sit here without feeling like blowing my brains out from pain)...and more on friends' reactions to the Rock School soundtrack.

Ack...the pain..........later.......

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