Monday, March 28, 2005

What Does It All Mean?

So Newmarket Films is disbanding and was sold to Time Warner/HBO last week and I've read this article a couple of times this morning and it's still confusing me. I don't know if it will or won't affect the release of Rock School. So I'll post it here and maybe you guys can figure out. I note that the paragraph titled "Release Slate Unclear" is where they mention Rock School.

Sigh...I hope everything is cool. It seems like it, but it's early and I probably should re-read this article when I'm more awake and can make sense of it. I can't see them holding back the release date yet again but eww, I so hate Time Warner...I'm unhappy about this latest development. I guess you already know how I feel about companies who back the President. Ha.

Remember when we were kids and we were told in school how America was so great because monopolies were illegal? My my, how times have changed. Now big corporations buy out other corporations all the time and eventually, the United States (and rest of the world) is probably going to be owned by one mother company if that hasn't secretly happened already. Mom and pop stores have disappeared on every level -- from local drug stores to hardware stores to book shops--ugh, it makes me physically ill.

In other news, I'm missing my daughter, Julie, so much I can't take it. As you might have read here, she's been in Costa Rica all week on spring break. She emailed me a digital pic yesterday which she'd kill me if I posted here even though she looks drop dead beautiful, glowing, even, but, well, she's in a bikini playing in the surf on the beach and I think I'd better not. She's having a blast - every day an adventure. But thank God, she's coming home tomorrow night.

Julie, you'll be so proud of me - we're having turkey chili for dinner tonight - low fat. They'll be leftovers for you when you get home. Though we did discover something very, very nasty over the weekend - Eric and I bought pints of Dove Ice Cream. You don't want to know how good that is. So good that I made a comparison to dessert at Le Bec Fin. Eric had chocolate ganache...the most incredible chocolate ice cream ever, topped with Dove ganache, and full of Dove Chocolate chunks throughout. I opted for the toffee ganache...vanilla ice cream with chunks of toffee and topped with the same chocolate ganache.

It's to die for. I don't think I will eat anything else this week but my low fat chili and ice cream. Ha.

Finally, I finished the revised first 100 pages of The Tour this weekend which means I did absolutely nothing else around here (other than make chili and eat ice cream) but I'm feeling pretty good about it. I figure I'll print it out today and go over it again tonight while Eric is out - he's going to Guitar Center to buy a new mandolin. He plays about 75 different instruments; he's so fucking talented.

And yep, the kids are definitely playing in Vermont on Sunday, May 1 - it's part of a three day mini swing through New England. I can't believe I'm missing this trip -- I have so many writer friends living in that area. Anyway, the All-Stars are playing Harpers Ferry, MA, Burlington, and there may be a third date but I haven't found it yet. Damn it! But okay, I am extremely excited to be attending the book convention those dates and signing real live print copies of Three Days in New York so I guess I will survive. Sorry to keep repeating that - I guess I still don't believe it's finally happening.

Anyway, there's always the twelve city east coast tour at the end of July. It ends on August 3 on one of those cruises around the Statue of Liberty in NYC; then the kids leave the next morning for Germany from the Newark airport so they'll be sleeping over. Though I will be taking the NYC cruise (ha - how could I miss that?) I'll be on the train home solo that night. I'm going to pass on Germany. Eric's dad will be going instead.

Hahahaha - can't wait to hear those stories upon his return.

P.S. The Rock School tour photographs I posted below sent to me by Madison Flego seem to have disappeared. I will have to get Eric to upload them for me to another site later on so I can re-post them. I have no idea how that happened.