Thursday, March 24, 2005

Thursday's news...

That's a picture of where my daughter is right now, gorgeous Costa Rica, and I'm dying of jealousy as we are getting torrents of rain here and I'm so freaking sick of winter I can't take much more. Julie instant messaged me yesterday - yep, she's got a computer and dial up service where she is - told me it's magnificent, sunny and hot, and she's having a blast.

I miss her and I see the future - she's going to end up somewhere exotic and our relationship is going to dwindle down to a series of daily instant messages.

Nah, I'm gonna follow her wherever she goes. Muhahahahahahaha.....

So, I've made the big time - I'm on Craig's List today, where it says "Phaze is setting the romance world ablaze with a new line of erotic romance fiction, available in ebook and print formats."

Of course I'm worried I shouldn't exactly be rejoicing because I know I read somewhere that Craig's List contains anti-semetic material, so I need to check that out further because if I find out it's true, Craig's List will get "the treatment" here - sort of similar or worse to how I feel about Republicans, which at this point is pretty damn horrified. I've expressed my mortification over the government's involvement in the Schiavo case, and to see Florida governor Jeb Bush now grabbing those headlines as well, trying to take custody of Terri Schiavo, makes me shudder at the possibilities of the next presidential election. This family thinks they not only walk on water and have a direct line to God's ear, but that they are the "Royals", except the "Royals" back when they had power...and it makes me nauseous that the American public bought into this.

I'm sure we'll have another terror scare shortly to put us all back into our cowering corners. These people work by fear and intimidation.

But anyway, getting back to Craig's List and my own selfish little life, I am giggling that I am currently tearing up the best seller list in cyber world with Three Days in New York City, currently #1 rated in erotica and #2 in sales in that genre; #7 in best sellers crossing all genres. I didn't write Three Days in New York City as erotica, I wrote it as a comedy, but there you have it...put in a few sex scenes and you get that erotic romance label. So, I'm currently the number #2 smut gal in the United States, wedged in between #1, "Teaching the Au Pair to Submit" and #3, "Office Slave".

I dunno, I find that hilarious. Though I'm thrilled to again report that the book will be in print shortly and I'll have to ask Phaze if I can set up a pay pal account so that readers can order autographed copies directly from my site.

In the meantime, I continue to work hard on the revisions to my mainstream memoir, The Tour, as well as the sequel to Three Days, "Another Bite of the Apple", which is why my posting here has been sporadic lately.

Anyway, that's it for now, I think...though I haven't spoken with the still-sleeping Eric yet and he was supposed to have attended a seminar at Rock School last night which sounds really interesting...all about band promotion and how to make it in the business. Eric seemed pretty dubious; his band Flamingo is already making progress on their own and they like it that way. But who knows. I'm sort of learning to stay quiet after all these years and allowing both Eric and Julie to figure things out by themselves.

Let me tell you, it's not easy.

Staying quiet, that is.