Sunday, March 13, 2005

Quick note

Okay, I have to run because the Reading Terminal Farmers Market, which is never open on Sunday, is in fact open today because of the Flower Show nearby and Julie and I have plans to stuff our face for breakfast at Down Home Diner and then doing some awesome shopping there.

But I do want to say this: Jesus Christ Superstar was FUCKING AMAZING. I want to go into more detaiil later and name every kid and how unbelievable they were and I need my kids around me for that because there's some newbies I don't know, but let me say this. Max DiMezza, you fucking rule. Joey Randazzo, Dom Milandro, Maureen Hayes, Allie Hauptmann, Larry Allen - you guys made me cry. Jeremy Blessing - not only are you one of the best guitar players on this continent, your singing and stage presence last night blew me away. You have a Muddy Waters thing going on you should work on - who ever guessed that voice would come out of you! Cameron, I was teary eyed to see you back; you are one of my favorite unsung heroes of Rock School, a really great, soulful guitar player who doesn't always get the attention you deserve due to all the talent surrounding you.

Teddi Tarnoff, former Rock School diva, as musical director, you blew me away. How the hell did you do that???

Okay, more later.

And Madison, one of my favorite Rock School vocalists though not in the show last night, took some awesome photos and I am begging her now to send them to me so I can post them later today. Okay, Madison?