Monday, March 07, 2005

On the Road Again with Paul Green School of Rock All-Stars, Part II, New York

That's keyboard wizard Ms. Allie Hauptman singing a duet with Dom

So I was pretty much out cold when Eric came home last night but here's what I got:

(1) Allie did in fact not only get to sing Whipping Post for her Rock School All-Star finale at BB Kings in New York last night, she brought down the house and Paul gave her a wonderful, moving introduction.

So basically ignore everything I said about that in the post below....

(2) The kids fucking rocked and there were a lot of famous people in the audience who went absolutely crazy over them but I'm not allowed to name names for various reasons which I will disclose at a future date.

(3) Here's a copy of an email Eric got from a fan following the show:

"You were phenomenal last night. That was by far the best Packard Goose I have every heard live. Absolutely inspired. Excellent. I am still shaking. Words cannot express..."

More to follow....