Monday, March 21, 2005

Oh god, it's Monday again...

Sorry to make everyone sick on a Monday, but he's really going too far now. Getting involved in the Schiavo case? Fucking asshole

"The fate of Terri Schiavo once again was in the hands of a judge early Monday following an extraordinary, day-long political fight over the brain-damaged woman that consumed both chambers of Congress and prompted the president to rush back to the White House.

Taking the Senate's lead, the House early Monday passed a bill to let the woman's parents ask a federal judge to prolong Schiavo's life by reinserting her feeding tube. President Bush signed the measure less than an hour later.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said. "This is about defending life."

No, it's about dignity, something you tiny dick Republicans know nothing about.

Here's what else that tool did last week:

"As U.S. oil prices soared to a record high on Wednesday, the Senate gave President Bush's energy plan a major boost by voting to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling.

Republicans have tried for more than two decades to open ANWR to oil exploration. The Bush administration, which views ANWR as the centerpiece of its national energy plan, was blocked in the past four years by a Senate coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats.

Pete Domenici, chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, led the fight to defeat a Democratic effort to strip ANWR drilling language from a broad budget resolution funding the federal government in fiscal 2006. The vote was close, 51 to 49 in favor of keeping the drilling provision in the bill."

What a douche bag. And of course that one per cent of wealthy America who think they are better than the rest of us and don't want to pay taxes and Bible belt middle America are cheering him on.

Let's not even talk about what his election will cost women in the way of freedom of choice.


Anyway, the pics of Eric and the other four Rock School kids who played Las Vegas last week are finally available on the web, but they cost $12.00 a piece and won't allow me to copy them here...first time I ever right clicked on an internet picture and was told "forbidden access" but anyway, I can post the links to the photos, which are fantastic and will be up for a few days. They start right here and then keep clicking on the subsequent links to pages on the top of the page - the pics continue at pages 97-128 all the way to page 192. There are incredible photographs of all the kids both solo and in group shots and oh my God, I'm probably going to spend a fortune today ordering every one of them.

In other news, Eric's band did in fact sell out The Fire Saturday night and the take at the door was $700.00. They also sold their CDs to the audience so they made some money and The Fire invited to come back again! Nice first gig, huh.

Okay, I have to shake off this latest Dubya news and get back to the business of writing.