Monday, March 21, 2005

Now on line: The Trailer for Rock School - The Movie!

Okay, how excited am I! now has the official Rock School movie trailer on its site and oh god, it features a very young looking Eric and Julie. Eric is on drums both opening and closing the trailer with such short hair I don't recognize him. You can see both Julie and Eric interviewed together briefly about hating the band Bush, there are a couple shots of Julie with her long curly hair playing bass and a couple more of Eric on drums banging himself in the head with his sticks...and that outside scene is when we were at the Zappa festival in East Germany. By the way, that's Julie's bass playing boyfriend Matt with the short dark hair in the light gray t-shirt sitting down who is interviewed a couple of times saying "I suck". (Trust me, Matt does not suck, and when you see the movie and hear the soundtrack, you'll agree.) Anyway, I'm so psyched! I'm at work and I keep watching it over and over boss is going to kill me in about two seconds. Here's the link!