Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!

So today my man Eric Clapton is sixty years old. How is that possible? If he's sixty, that must mean I'm....substantially younger. Ha.

I was going to do a whole tribute thing here today but Blogspot was out of service this morning when I usually do my entries and I got all pissed and forget what I was going to say.

Just know that Eric and I have a "history" of sorts and someday I will talk about it in detail.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, E.C.! (He named his daughter Julie, too, by the way -- she must be around three years old or so now)

In other news, I am so psyched. One of the Rock School dads, David Neidorf, father of amazing All-Star drummer Sarah, reads my blog and wrote to me asking if I'd like copies of the three DVDs he made of the Ike Willis/Rock School shows earlier this month. Uh, ya think? Ha! So they came in the mail today, and he threw in a bonus - a DVD of the BB King show at Christmas. The DVDs are all beautifully packaged, with pictures of Rock School All-Stars and Ike Willis on the cover, and I cannot wait to get home tonight and watch all four! Of course you know there will be a full report here if I don't die from pleasure first*

By the way, Eric was Sarah's drum teacher and I hear so much of Eric in her playing it makes me teary eyed. She's truly amazing and a future superstar. She's pretty young - I think around 14? I know she's moved on to another teacher now, but it's the same teacher who worked with Eric when he was around Sarah's age - Tim Karsten - and he's great!

I picked Julie up at the airport last night at midnight which means I'm operating on no sleep because I'm awake at dawn. She had an incredible time and is full of stories of cows and chickens running rampant in the roads, dogs on the beach, hippie surfer dudes...Costa Rica sounds wild, my kind of place. It was back to reality for her bigtime, too. Spring Break is over and she had a 9:00 a.m. class.

Oh well. I guess I'd better get back to work. I took a late lunch today and am kind of zoned out from exhaustion. But someone still has to pay the bills...