Monday, March 28, 2005

As promised, Rock School photos

Now that I have the uploading of photos thing worked out thanks to son Eric, I'm reposting my entry of a few days ago.

Many thanks to one of my all time favorite Rock School female vocalist/guitarists, Madison Flego, for providing me with all of these great photographs. So not only is she an awesome musician, these pics prove she's a very talented photographer as well!

Anyway, I really appreciate her sending these to me - I'm too busy working on the novel writing thing to do any real blogging at the moment.

I may have to post these in batches. The first set is from the infamous Rock School tour this summer:

That's Grace, Lauren, and Stevie laughing (though I'm sure secretly horrified) upon first seeing their hotel room in the now condemned Wild Wild West Casino in Las Vegas.

That's the photographer herself, Madison, on stage in Las Vegas

Louie on stage in Vegas

Allie in the hallway at the Gershwin Hostel in Los Angeles

Everyone jumping into the pool after the final show of the tour in Vegas

Abel, our bus driver throughout

Well, I think that's Jeremy and who, Gina and maybe Cameron? Can't tell...but you Rock School kids will know. Heh. Rough night, guys?