Thursday, March 24, 2005

Another one bites the dust...

Guitarist Rod Price of Foghat Dies at 57

Thu Mar 24, 9:39 AM ET

WILTON, New Hampshire - Guitarist Rod Price, founding member of the blues boogie band Foghat, died Tuesday after falling down a stairway at his home, a family friend said. He was 57.

The London native's solos drove Foghat to three platinum and eight gold records during the band's quarter-century career. After many years of touring he settled in Wilton in 1994.

Many in town knew Price as a loving father who never missed his son's baseball, soccer or basketball games. Fewer people knew of Price's musical background.

Price had played with Champion Jack Dupree, Eddie Kirkland, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Willie Dixon and Honey Boy Edwards.

In recent years, Price concentrated on his blues projects, cutting several CDs and giving private guitar lessons at his home.


Damn it, this getting older stuff sucks, though yeah, yeah, it does beat the alternative. While I admit I am not a die hard Foghat fan, I was in fact a die hard Savoy Brown fan, which is the band from which Foghat arose. Also, another member/producer of Foghat was Philadelphia native Nicky Jameson, who started out with the American Dream, and if anyone out there ever gets their hands on that CD (I have the album), you can name your price and I'll pay it.

Yeah, the rock world as I know it is slowing crumbling. John and George are dead; my man Eric Clapton will be sixty years old next Wednesday. My brain can't comprehend that. And ugh, 2005 started out as year of the dead drummer - within a month we lost Jim Capaldi, Keith Knudsen, Elvin Jones, and Spencer Dryden. If you don't know who they are, use Google and learn, damn it.

And for fuck's sake, if one more person tries to discuss American Idol with me today, I promise you, I will climb up in a tower with a high powered rifle and start shooting. Got it?

I do not watch that show; I will not watch that show; I hate everything connected with that show. It's not music. It's dogshit. It's what Republicans want kids to watch so they won't actually pick up instruments and write protest songs.

The end.

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Rotting Dead said...

I had to laugh as I finished this post...
"I do not watch that show; I will not watch that show:" Reminded me of Dr, Suess

I do not like American Idol Sam I am. *L*

I can't say I hate it, as I am a fan but I do agree that we have a shortage of youngsters picking up instruments and writing protest songs.

Preach on Sister Robin!