Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Julie out fishing in Costa Rica. God I love the digital age - she emailed me this pic yesterday.

So hooray! Julie comes home today! Her flight will be in late tonight but she's coming home and I can't wait. Sigh...I know this is in my imminent future, but I really miss her when she's not around. This is the longest separation we've ever had. At least I know if she gets her own apartment this summer I'll still be able to visit for dinner (like every night - god I miss her cooking) but having her in Central America for a week has been torture. I've been walking around here talking to anyone who will listen, which means that the poor dog has had to hear it all.

In other news, I just heard on CNN that Philadelphia is the most depressed city in the United States? We have the most people on anti-depressants and the most suicides per capita?

No fucking way. Who did that survey? Why do I think it's somehow connected with the Schiavo case since of course both families are from Philly?

Ah, screw it. I don't believe in "surveys" anyway. But I do believe that all we get on our news, both local and national, is propaganda. Sad, isn't it? Watch the news on BBC or some of the public T.V. stations with European feeds and you'll see what I mean. Their take on international events is completely different than the homogenized versions we're fed here.

Though they do spend an awful lot of time discussing soccer.

Getting back to the Schiavo case - this never fails to amaze me. Right to lifers threaten death to those who don't share their "right to life" views.

Ah, and to think that's who is running our government right now.

Anyway, enough of that. Here's some more photos from Costa Rica:

Julie's boyfriend Matt petting God knows what...is it a monkey? Is that safe? Hope so!

Matt surfing (who knew?)

Dolphins that came right up to their fishing boat - how cool

Julie, Matt, and Matt's sister, Paige, taking a swim