Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Three Days in New York City

So I have this book coming out next Wednesday...

It's funny. One of my best friends is someone I know from cyberworld - a pretty celebrated, well-known writer -- someone who lives in another country and someone I most likely will never meet in the real world, which is fine. He has a family on one side of the ocean, I have mine over here in the U.S. and we're both content with the way things are. If writers can ever be content, that is. Anyway, we have a two year relationship solely based on web correspondence but as writers, the written word is very intimate to us, even if we're just talking about our kids or our leaking roofs or what music we're listening to at the moment. I think pretty much in our new on-line society this is more common than not - the internet has brought back the art of letter writing and enables us to get in touch and meet people with whom we'd never have come into contact otherwise. Anyway, my friend and I have become dependent on each other - always bouncing stuff and ideas around, not to mention we're a secret place for each other to escape, i.e., cry on each other's shoulders, etc.

So my novel Three Days in New York City sort of takes that idea a step further -- what if two people who never normally would have hooked up, two people from different countries - met on the internet and seemingly fall in love and decide to get together in the real world. Only of course it's very easy to become someone you are not on line...to develop a completely different persona -- and this is what happens to my female character. To say that she has her bluff called would be putting it mildly.

There is very graphic sex in this book for sure, but it's also the story of a woman in mid life crisis with hopefully laugh out loud moments as she agonizes over everything from cellulite and being naked at her age in front of a strange man with whom she's shared intimate thoughts via words on a computer screen to dealing with his rather, err, gourmet tastes in all matters sexual and the huge cultural and economic differences between them.

Anyway, I hope I can entice you to read Three Days in New York City and maybe even enjoy it.