Sunday, October 31, 2004

But in other news...

Savoy Brown

While I'm all hopped up on sugar again, and also am only too aware that this is my last day of screwing around because I've got to get serious about my novel, I thought I would bring in some musical thoughts. Despite growing up with a jazz musician dad and adoring all things jazz, I'm not a snob like other jazz musos and my tastes run all over the board, with the exception of modern country music and obviously all things Britney pop. Oh. And rap music. Rap music incites violence in me. I abhor it.

Anyway, I want to talk about two bands that have slipped under the radar all these years, Savoy Brown and Blodwyn Pig. They totally blow me away, and you can pick up their CDs at my favorite online haunt, Though I have to be honest, I dislike buying CDs on line and only do it if I can't find them at traditional CD stores. I also dislike buying at chains like Tower Records - who the fuck do they think they are charging $18 a CD? Aren't big corporations supposed to cut you a break because they buy in volume? Screw that. Lucky for me, Philadelphia has a lot of indie record stores, and if I'm going to spend $18, I'd rather give it to them, but big surprise, you can usually find them a hell of a lot cheaper and my money goes to actual people living in the area, not some mother corporation who probably supports Bush and the war in Iraq. Anyway, I digress. But I do love buying CDs at an actual store - there's something wonderful about leafing through racks and racks of CDs and finding something spectacular you didn't know about or have been wanting forever but haven't been able to locate. But when all else fails, I go to, because if they don't have it, they have a wish list and so far they've gotten me everything I've ever wanted, with the exception of a CD by the American Dream, which I do have on vinyl, but which only came out briefly on CD in 1986. I haunt ebay for that all the time, and am convinced one of these days I'll find it. Interestly enough, there's a connection here. Nicky Jamison was one of the original members of American Dream, which was a Philly Band. Nicky went on to be a member of Foghat, who are an offshoot of Savoy Brown. See? I know my stuff. I realize there's a place on this blog for audio clips...I'm gonna try and see if I can figure out how to post some music.

Savoy Brown is music to which to get laid. Pure and simple. It's the sexiest music I know.

Blodwyn Pig is an offshoot of the original Jethro Tull. Guitarist Mick Abraham left Jethro Tull after the first album and formed Pig. Jack Lancaster is on sax. I can't believe no one knows about them anymore...even the most underground, classic rock radio show here has yet to play any of their stuff. I know, because I'm nuts enough to wake up at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings and listen to the one great still unprogrammed FM radio show that features music chosen by a real DJ with exceptional taste.

Okay, I'm off to figure out how to post sound clips. I'll probably fail, but you know, at least it'll give me something to do for a few minutes while I continue to speed courtesy of all this fucking chocolate.