Friday, June 01, 2018

Natalie Prass

Okay, it's time to post something positive.  Have you met Natalie Prass? 

In case you haven't stumbled on one of my many billboards posted all over the internet, Natalie is my son's significant other, and she has a new record out today.  Natalie is a superstar and this morning, she has spreads in Entertainment Weekly, GQ, and the Guardian.  I'll post links to everything, but I have to cut and paste the part of the EW article that has me sitting in my office right now, bawling.  To read the whole article, go here:

"It really feels like people — regardless of their political views — will look back on the night Trump got elected and remember exactly where they were. What were you doing that night?

[My boyfriend, Dr. Dog drummer] Eric [Slick] and I went to an election party. The local comedy troupe had these stand-up shows, and it was just a big party and a lot of good people. Everybody was decked out in Hillary gear, and it slowly just got darker and darker and people started to cry, and leave. Oh yeah, I’ll never forget it. It was horrible.

Is it fair to call “Short Court Style” a love song about someone new?

It’s a song about Eric. I really feel like I’ve met my person in Eric. I’ve never felt so comfortable, and we can get through anything together. But we had to do so much work to get to where we are now. And it doesn’t stop; it doesn’t mean that we are in this blissful love relationship. Which we are, but then we also have problems that we have to face. It’s more about the hard work and the rewarding payoff of real love.

And here's her new hit song:

So yeah, we're all pretty excited at Casa Slick.  Natalie is on tour right now, and not only will she be in Philadelphia Saturday night for a sold out show at Johnny Brenda's, she'll be back in town for the WXPN Festival on July 28.  She also has a bunch of gigs in Europe this fall, and Eric,who will be off tour with Dr. Dog by then, will sit in on drums.  Not a bad life, huh.

While I'm here bragging, Julie's been home for a couple of weeks - she lives in Spain now, or tries to when she's not touring - and she's got a bunch of gigs in New York City next week with the Adrian Belew Power Trio at the Iridium.  So we're pretty stoked about that, too.  And we're all headed to the beach this weekend, rain or not, we do not care, we're going solely for the purpose of eating Manco & Manco pizza and hitting some air hockey arcades.  We know how to live in the era of Trump, huh.  Music and food and hanging with people you love is everything.

But hey, if Julie gets permanent residency in Spain, and if Eric and Natalie decide to leave the country as well, and if there isn't serious flippage in the midterm elections, Gary and I are out of here in about five minutes.  I've been checking out property in Malaga :)  We're dead serious.  

Listen, we all have to do what we have to do.