Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daddy Left Me Alone with God

ETA: Daddy Left Me Alone with God is now available for Kindle right here!

Today I am ecstatic to announce that my novel, Daddy Left Me Alone with God, has a brand new publisher, a brand new cover, and hurrah, is now available in ebook format.

Here's how it looks now...

Cover art by Amanda Kelsey.

I'm very, very excited about my new publisher, DLP Books.

DLP is basically a small, independent publishing house with a little bit of everything. They offer a variety of quality fiction, poetry, and non-fiction in eBook format and print. Print books will be available on the main DLP site shortly and they are working diligently to get wider distribution. The print version of Daddy should be available some time next month...I'll let you know when...but I'm really excited about today's release because it was never available in ebook format until now. It will also be for sale over at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for Kindle and Nook practically any minute, but in the meantime you can purchase it at DLP Books or All Romance.

Actually, it is available over at Barnes and Noble for Nook as we speak. Here's the link!

Or you can click on my brand new banner/header, which will take you directly to DLP.

I am also thrilled to show you the trailer for the novel, which features music by Julie Slick!

Recognize the song? It's Aphrodite, from Julie's solo CD. You can purchase it right here.

And here's a tiny excerpt from the book's prologue to whet your appetite - I hope :)

"I sat on the edge of a bed in a cheap Los Angeles hotel, two thousand seven hundred miles away from my home in Philadelphia, armed with the uneasy realization that in a couple of hours my life might be changed forever.

And what was my biggest concern?

How did I look and what should I wear.

Shallow wench.

Disgusted with myself, I got up and paced back and forth all agitated until finally settling on a black t-shirt, tight faded jeans, and stiletto heeled boots.

Perfect. From a few feet away, I could pass for thirty.

Make that thirty-five.

Oh, alright. Thirty-seven.

In candlelight.

Hey, the venue would be dark so I would be fine.

Yeah, right. Like I really believed that. And fine was not a word in my vocabulary."


And right about now, if you know me personally, you are probably saying to yourself, this is really non-fiction, huh.

Now, now. My lips are sealed.

I also set up a new Facebook page for Daddy but naturally screwed something up when I sent out the "Robin Slick suggests you like Daddy Left Me Alone with God" emails so could you all do me a favor and visit the page and click "Like"?

Facebook Page.

Also...tah dah...I have a new website!


Now let's see who can guess what I love most about my site, which, by the way, was designed by the same man responsible for designing the sites of some very heavy hitters - Chris McElroy...

Give up?

Ha ha, no you didn't. You all know the answer. It's the Rock and Roll section. I am still adding Slick family celebrity photos and am having a blast. You'll also see links to a bunch of You Tubes - some actually have to do with me and stuff I've done, but the bulk of it are Julie and Eric Slick's "greatest hits". Surprise, surprise.

So I hope you will celebrate the book's release with me - I have all kinds of things I am in the process of lining up for the Spring - readings, book festivals, etc, so watch this space along with Facebook, Twitter, etc. for details.

I am really stoked!

I'll be on the look-out for the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other links and will post them here and on my website as soon as they are available. In the meantime, I'm headed back over to Facebook to try and figure out what the hell I did wrong :)



Jessica Keener said...

First, I love the title of your novel. It's fantastic, intriguing, and in a few words shows off the unique quality and energy that defines your writing. But that's just the beginning for lucky readers, because this story rocks in all directions. I don't want to give the goods away, I just want everyone to order one up either in e format or the print version that's on its way.

Read it, folks. You'll laugh at the micro universe's ridiculous synchronicity and mishaps in Daddy Left Me Alone With God, and the macro universe's bigger vision of life and love that drives this heart-filled story.


P.S. I loved the Julie's music on the book trailer!

RobinSlick said...

Oh my God, Jessica, this is so generous of you! I'm totally verklempt now.

And of course I am thrilled that you love Julie's music in the trailer. I am beside myself with glee over that!

LitPark said...

The cover is perfect, and that trailer... wow!


RobinSlick said...

Thank you! I'm stoked. And I really do think my daughter has a career in film scores. :)

Is it March meet-up time yet? When will you be on the west coast? Oh my God, you have such exciting stuff happening...did you ever think you would be on Glambertina Radio? That better be a live stream!

Thomas Emmons said...

Epic post and great cover! I enjoyed the trailer with Julie's music as well.

Keep on Rockin'!

RobinSlick said...

Thank you, Thomas! As you can tell, I love it, too. :)