Thursday, November 04, 2010

In Case you missed Eric Slick with Dr. Dog on Craig Ferguson last night...

Gah! I set the alarm for 1:15AM to watch this and naturally could not fall back asleep again.

So today I am dazed and confused but happy. Craig Ferguson called Dr. Dog "brilliant". A big thank you to The Audio Perv for already posting the You Tube so that you can hear it for yourself:



Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tonight! All New! Dr. Dog/Eric Slick on Craig Ferguson!

Morning, morning:
I do not want to discuss the election, especially as a Pennsylvanian, but at least "we" still have control of the senate.

America? How dumb can you be.

Sigh...don't answer. It's a rhetorical question, anyway.

I should stick to talking about my family and music. Lucky Eric Slick is currently in San Francisco, where he will not only be fortunate enough to see the World Series victory parade this morning and hang out with his lovely significant other, he's playing two nights at the legendary Fillmore (tickets here), and then late, late this evening (around 1:15AM eastern) Eric will be behind the drums with Dr. Dog on the Craig Ferguson Show (with special guest Stephen Fry!) This is an all new show, but in case you missed Dr. Dog's appearance on Ferguson in July of this year, here's the You Tube:

Julie, Adrian, and Marco, a/k/a the Adrian Belew Power Trio, are currently on holiday in least I think so...because I haven't heard from Ms. Julie in a couple days and I know they had three days off between their show in Belgium Monday night and their performance in Portugal this Thursday. So either there is no internet service available or they are having the best time ever being tourists. In case you missed it, Julie has a new blog post up, and how connected are we - neither of us had blogged in weeks and we both picked the same exact day to write.

I miss my kids. I'm kind of blue today.

That is all.