Friday, July 02, 2010

Reminder: Eric Slick/Dr. Dog on Craig Ferguson show tonight

ETA: Coolness! Here's last night's Craig Ferguson show - Dr. Dog performs Shadow People.


Well, I've managed to upload all the video taken of Julie Slick's one woman show Wednesday night in Teaneck, NJ and last night at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia but for the love of God, I can't find a You Tube or the like site that can handle a 25 minute clip. Any ideas?

All I can say is, she was astounding. Just astounding. And the response was so great, Julie said, "You know what? I think I'm going to take this show on the road and also do some more local gigs." Hurrah!

But first, she's got the Vancouver Music Fest on July 10-11 with Adrian Belew and Marco Minnemann and then those three will head to Japan for some dates at the Blue Note July 24-27...but there may be some ninja California gigs with special guests in between Vancouver and Japan featuring Julie and Marco. Like I said before, watch this space.

The main reason for this post, though is to remind you to tune in to the Craig Ferguson show tonight, where the fabulous Dr. Dog with the amazing Eric Slick on drums will be performing a song I can definitely tell you will not be the same tune they did on Jimmy Fallon. And that's all I'm saying.

Anyway, if I figure out this video debacle, I will be back!



Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Good plug... I will be watching! Ferguson is always worth watching!

NapaDude said...

Thanks for the vid, I never stay up that late. I'd really like to see the vid of of Julie too. Can't you break it up?

RobinSlick said...

I don't know how to break it up but Eric does and he'll be here for dinner tomorrow night. Also, there are some great vids on Julie's FB page but they do not include the banter she does in between songs. I am starting to get worried about posting that, anyway, because it's an integral part of her show and she is going to go out on the road on tour exclusive of Adrian. Hey, you might get lucky because after her gig with Ade on July 10-11 in Vancouver, she's heading back to San Diego with Marco and the two of them may schedule some ninja gigs with people like Mike Keneally between July 12 and the time they leave for Japan on July 22.

LitPark said...

That's just fantastic.

Tish Cohen said...

holy crap, your kids are freaking amazing.

griffith said...

California ninja gigs? Will there be any covert operations in the Los Angeles area? Would love to hear & see this.

Really enjoying the new cd....