Monday, March 15, 2010

Stormy Monday

Where is the sun and what have they done with it?

I know I like a good storm as much as anyone but this is ridiculous. Three days non-stop? Blech. Oh well, I'm not really complaining. Hopefully today will be another day of productive writing.

Hey, my strange little flash fiction story is up at Short, Fast, and Deadly - click and scroll down and marvel at how my weird brain works sometimes...

In other news, Eric Slick, on tour with Lithuania and Hop Along, continues to work his way across the country where he'll meet up with Dr. Dog for a bunch of shows/parties at South by Southwest. One thing you can say about Eric, he adapts very easily from five star hotels to this:

Haha - I stole that photo off of Twitter where Lithuania's guitarist, Dom, had posted it as "Man Love" but trust me, it's not; it's vintage Eric who can sleep standing up in a typhoon but at least has a van in which to crash this time. By the way, nice headband, Eric.

Erm...the above is not exactly a great segue for my next comment, but here's a couple shots and short clip from the show, which was at a punk gay bar in Asheville called Cookie LaRue's and because our good friend Andre Cholmondeley lives nearby, he was kind enough to attend and be my personal photographer/videotographer:

And here's one of Eric playing bass with Hop Along:

Anyway, tonight they'll be playing at Wonderroot in Atlanta which is a community arts center...then tomorrow night they are down in Tallahassee, Florida at the Far Side and man, between Cookie LaRue's, Wonderroot, and Far Side, those are some interesting links, huh. Here's another.

Julie came over for dinner last night and damn I wish we took photos. Gary made homemade vegan creamy tomato soup with fresh basil, flaky biscuits topped with Earth balance (soy butter substitute which, and I am a food freak, you cannot tell is not the real thing) mixed with honey and cracked black pepper (think it sounds weird? It's insanely delicious!), and a lovely salad of arugula, red lettuce, artichokes, imported olives, and toasted pea pods. For dessert there was vegan ice cream - we actually have truffle and mint chocolate chip and it's made with coconut milk, hence why it's vegan, and again, it's better than most premium ice creams out there.

Julie's in a great head - she played me some more new songs from her upcoming CD and they are BRILLIANT. Even better news, yesterday she got an email from a superb keyboard player who appeared on a Grammy nominated composition with (and written by) one of the world's premier guitarists, and now said keyboardist has signed on to contribute, too. She's currently also working on the cover artwork with her webmaster/graphic artist...this is going to be major and we're all really excited for her.

And, this one blew me away altogether -- she's talking about doing some solo touring. Yep, you read that right. Once the CD comes out, she's going to hit the road. How freaking cool is that?

Julie also played me a new song off the upcoming Cheers Elephant CD she is producing and it's one of those tunes you love immediately on the first listen. That band is just so damn good, and finally, they are hitting the road as well. They will be touring the end of this month, and how insane is this, when Julie, Eric, and Robbie, a/k/a Paper Cat play in New York on March 28, Cheers Elephant have a gig either right next door or right across the street, I forget what she told me. But they didn't plan it that way and how freaky! Here's the current tour schedule for Cheers Elephant, and I can't help but notice when I went to their MySpace page that my all-tiime favorite song of theirs, Here We Are, has almost 20,000 hits. Go click and listen!

Mar 24 2010 9:00P
Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 25 2010 8:00P
Hewitt Union @ SUNY Oswego *FREE!* Oswego, New York
Mar 26 2010 8:00P
The Nines Ithaca, New York
Mar 27 2010 10:00P
Wildflower Cafe Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mar 28 2010 8:00P
Piano’s Lower East Side, New York
Apr 16 2010 8:00P
The Note West Chester, Pennsylvania
May 21 2010 9:00P
The Khyber Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jul 24 2010 3:00P
Harborfest Oswego, New York
Jul 25 2010 1:00P
Harborfest Oswego, New York

Anyway, I know I say this a lot and it doesn't happen, but if I hear from Eric and I get any good stories or find anything on the web after I post this, I'll be back to add and edit. But for now, my novel-in-progress awaits and I'm all fired up to write.