Friday, March 26, 2010

Some friendly reminders

Hey hey:

It's pretty quiet on the home front today but if anything stellar occurs, I'll let you know. In the meantime, just a couple of quick reminders:


Julie Slick, Andre Cholmondeley in Andre's band, Hidden Agenda, opening for the Great White Caps, at the Fun House in Bethlehem, PA. Show starts at 10:30!

Me: My new erotic "cougar" comedy, Bitten to the Core, is not only available in paperback right here, but if you want the digital, ebook, or Kindle edition (Are they all the same? What do I know..), they are having a huge sale over at Fictionwise and you can purchase it through the weekend for as little as $3.00!

And if you do decide to pick up the e-book at Fictionwise, can you do me a favor and rate it? There's a little button which appears on your "bookshelf" which allows you a few options but of course I'd appreciate "Great! I loved it!"

Ha - just kidding, but not about rating the book and not about that option, either. You'll see...

Alrighty, that's my update for now but I may be back.