Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Rain" O'er Me

Hi there!

I know I'm odd, but there's nothing I love more than a really rainy Saturday morning. While everyone else in Philadelphia is probably sleeping in, I'm up and about loving the dark solitude.

Even the dog is sleeping in - he's out cold upstairs in my bed. You have no idea what a good thing this is. Up until he started his medication on Monday, he literally was awake every hour on the hour. He woke up once at 5:30 to be let out, and then went right back upstairs. Alas, once I'm awake, I'm awake, but like I said, I am not complaining.

Especially since my run of good fortune continues. I came down to another acceptance letter today for another new story. That's three in one week in case anyone is counting. Hurrah! I'm back!


Thanks for the submission to Stymie Magazine...the imagery and tone were right in our wheelhouse. That said, Stymie would like to include the story in our Autumn/Winter '10 issue. If that is amenable to you please respond with brief writer's bio as you'd like to see it in the publication (or if the one you sent with your submission is sufficient, please let us know).


Erik Smetana, founding editor
Stymie Magazine"

I just sent them the story yesterday! I'm sure other writers reading this will know what I'm talking about when I say there is nothing like the validation you feel from a quick, positive response. I'm flying right now.

Speaking of flying, I'm guessing that's what Eric Slick is doing at the moment - he's on his way to Richmond, Virginia, to kick off his tour with Hop Along/Lithuania...links in the "Ohm" post below. I haven't spoken to him yet, but I read a tweet he posted last night which broke my heart:

"so incredibly bummed, our harvest of hope show was rained out after 5 songs. sorry everybody."

Oh man...all the way to Florida and unable to finish the show. Bummer. But on the plus side, look what Questo of the Roots tweeted last night, and retweets were posted all over the universe:

Dr Dog. Dr Dog Dr Dog!"

I was tempted to tweet back "That's my son on drums!" but I figure I'm gonna save that tweet for April 6 when he's on the Jimmy Fallon Show cos' Questo always tweets about the music while they are taping...unless of course I'm in the audience while they're taping and miss it (hint hint).

And I also found a photo on line from a press conference the band did prior to the show last night...

In other awesome news, Lithuania has released their first single, and you can listen to it right here and yep, that's Eric assisting Dom on vocals. You can catch them tonight at the Dull House in Richmond, Virginia...I've tried to find the exact address but struck out...if anyone reads this and knows where it is, please stick it in comments and I'll edit this post.

Okay, I am going to make the most of this dark, rainy solitude and work on my novel some more.

If anything pops up, I'll be back.