Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Odds and Sods for Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good morning!

Well, my day is starting off simply awesome. I just got the best review like, ever, for Bitten to the Core. Five cherries, which is the equivalent of five stars, I guess, in erotic comedy world and very, very cool.

You can read it right here.

Okay, obviously I have much more to talk about but I'm so stoked about that review I wanted to post it right away.

And congratulations to Neil Gaiman for his Oscar nomination for Coraline! Awesomeness!

ETA: Wow, in Dr. Dog world, yet another newspaper article today in the Wisconsin State Journal (holy cow, yesterday Dr. Dog had feature articles in Billboard, Paste, Glide, and about six others...), and it's a great little piece but what I really liked about it is the accompanying photo which includes Eric Slick, or @mrericslick as he is known on Twitter, and tell me this isn't right out of the Beatles' Help!

(Well, Help! if it were snow instead of grass...)

More later.


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