Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dr. Dog: More from the tour

Morning, morning:

So the first thing I wake up to today is a new blog post from Eric Slick where he gives a rather interesting behind the scenes look at his first tour with Dr. Dog.

And then I found a fun You Tube of Eric and Zach Miller, Dr. Dog's keyboardist, jamming to some Beck right after soundcheck while Scott decorated the stage:

Tonight the band is playing at the Pike Room in Pontiac, Michigan, and assuming it's not sold out yet, you can get your tickets right here.

Uh-oh, scratch that. Just talked to Eric. TONIGHT IS ANOTHER SOLD OUT SHOW! Man, that's amazing. But like I've been saying, the other day the band appeared in Billboard, Paste, and Glide Magazines among others and it's been that way pretty much every day since Dr. Dog hit the road last week. You can make the world's greatest music, but without aggressive social networking, a strong and savvy manager, and an awesome publicist such as those on Dr. Dog's team, you're toast. And now there's hard proof to back that up -- every single show on this tour is either filled to the max or sold out completely. So there you have it.

Something else very cool popped up yesterday - a Top Ten Musicians List for 2009. I'll just post the pertinent part:


1 Paul Raven (Posthumous and in perpetuity) – Killing Joke / Ministry
2 John Entwhisle (Posthumous and in perpetuity) – The Who / solo
3 Kasim Sulton – Todd Rundgren / Meatloaf
4 Tony Levin – King Crimson
5 Jerry Casale – Devo
6 Jon Evans – Tori Amos
7 Julie Slick – Adrian Belew Power Trio, e
8 Rick Anderson – Tubes
9 Sting (Gordon Sumner) – Police / Certifiable
10 John Paul Jones – Them Crooked Vultures


1 Bill Bruford (For perpetuity) – King Crimson / Yes / Earthworks
2 Prairie Prince – Tubes / Todd Rundgren
3 Josh Freese – Devo / Nine Inch Nails / solo
4 Matt Chamberlain – Tori Amos
5 Stewart Copeland – Police / Certifiable
6 Eric Slick – Adrian Belew Power Trio, e
7 Dave Grohl – Them Crooked Vultures
8 Joey Castillo – Eagles Of Death Metal / live
9 Big Paul Ferguson – Killing Joke
10 Pat Mastellotto – Mastica


I just realized I have "met" the critic who wrote this in cyberworld a couple of years ago via the Princeton Record Exchange and in one of those misunderstandings that can only happen on the web, I think he has me mistaken for someone who doesn't like him...I read a blog post he wrote where he ran into me at a John Wetton show and I snubbed him or something following a controversial article he wrote about Adrian. I would defend my behavior here now except for one thing...I wasn't at that show. The only John Wetton show I ever attended was when John played with the School of Rock in the very beginning of 2006 and Eric, who had already graduated from the school and was acting as John's roadie that week, sat in on the drums for one song -- Starless, I think...months before he joined the Adrian Belew Power Trio. But regardless, I have utmost respect for anyone who loves and writes about good music, so I hope we can bury whatever hatchet needs burying.

Okay, more coffee for me. You know the drill. I'll add in more stuff to this post as I find it.