Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gag Order

Well, I'm still under a gag order, which really sucks because I have so many great stories I'm about to burst but I think by Friday morning I'll be able to spill all.

By the way, you have no idea how disturbing Google images can be when you try and find an illustration/photo of "gag order". Trust me on this. Don't do it.

Here's what I can say: Yeah, Eric is now the drummer for an already established band and yesterday he had a photo shoot because they are about to go out on a brief two week tour and release a new CD which will then be followed by a mammoth tour. Bah! I hate not being able to say more. But I admit I like being able to say "My son had a photo shoot yesterday" though Eric will probably want to kill me when he reads this. Sorry, Er!

One thing Eric did not tell me so it's a good thing I stalk him online; he met with Markus Reuter and Tim Motzer at some point yesterday regarding yet another project. Here's what Tim tweeted: "wonderful day_Eric & I picked up Renee and Markus at Philly international...listened to Goldbug album and on to dialogue re: Art life. Tired" and here's what Markus tweeted: "Got to Philly OK. Hugged Tim and then listened to great Goldbug album mixes with Eric, Tim and Renée. Then blue chips and hanging.. Now bed."

Okay, so what I'm getting from this is that somehow Eric found the time for yet another project in between the photo shoot and "secret" band rehearsal yesterday...and apparently the band is named Goldbug. I just found some info on Tim's MySpace site:

"Goldbug-Journey to Eskeopia (1k016) a new project featuring Eric Slick (drums, percussion, instruments), Barry Meehan (bass, instruments), Theo Travis (tenor saxophone, alto flutes, loops), and Tim Motzer (baritone guitars, piano, laptop and other instruments). a journey in groove exploration, textures, and orchestration cut up, mis-aligned, and re-imagined for the wandering ear. coming early 2010."

(I guess that was written before Markus came into the picture but holy cow, what a line-up!)

Yet another thing to look forward to in 2010. Life is good.

Also, Eric is pretty excited about another project he is in with guitarist Dom Angelella (you gotta click on that link!) called Lithuania and here's a link to listen to their music...Eric does vocal harmonies with Dom and both Dom and Eric write all the music. Hey, this is some great stuff! Listening to it now...

So if basically having to wear the gag regarding Eric isn't bad enough, I really wish I could tell you about an interesting experience Julie just had but that one has got to remain in the vault -- like probably forever. Let's just say it involved someone who has won a Grammy or nine and who knows, the future may hold something interesting. Lucky Julie gets to fly to California tomorrow where it is 77 degrees to hang out at the NAMM Show for five days so expect an obnoxious but fun name dropping post from me on Monday morning.

Regarding both Julie and Eric as well as guitarist Robbie "Seahag" Mangano, the Paper Cat fan base continues to grow. Here's an awesome review of their latest CD by Mike Inman and thanks so much to Tony Thompson at Digicast International for spreading the word as well. You can friend Paper Cat, Mike Inman, Tony Thompson, and Digicast on Facebook and as well you should! I am not sure if Facebook links work if you aren't a friend of that person already, but you can go to my Facebook page and friend them that way. Cool? Cool!

Whoa. I just had a look of some of Paper Cat's friends on Facebook. Impressive! The latest to join is Chuck Negron, and thanks to Mike Inman for turning him on to their music! I really can't say enough about Mike. He's been such a supportive fan of Julie and Eric's career and he takes the most amazing photos. Here's a link to some incredible shots he took of Julie, Eric, and Adrian when they gigged in Asheville this summer.

As for me, I will probably do a separate post about what's going on with my writing, etc. I think wearing the gag order is a good thing for some "to be revealed" reasons but I hope to have some exciting news soon.

In the meantime...