Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eric Slick and Marco F*cking Minnemann

ETA: Here's a review of the show in Perm, but I had a really hard time translating it, though I did manage to pull out this sentence:

"Eric Slick - drums with a classical musical education, operates drums minimal configuration, while the audience is simply amazing amazing musicianship and intelligence, draughty in every stroke." (If anyone can translate this review for me, please email me said translation or put it in the comment section here.)

Holy cow.

Eric Slick and Marco Fucking Minnemann performing Indisicpline in Perm, Russia -- Monday night, November 9, 2009

Oh yeah, Eddie Jobson and Adrian Belew are there, too.

I have a feeling more of these are going to pop up - if so, I'll add them.

Oh! Andre just sent me these very cool photos from soundcheck:

Ha ha - and then there is this: Eddie Jobson and Adrian Belew in their international pop debut (with videotographer Julie Slick laughing hilariously in the background)