Monday, September 07, 2009

The Tour So Far...

Hey hey:

For all of you wondering where is Robin and why isn't she blogging from the Adrian Belew Power Trio tour, frankly, so much has occurred I've got the material for a hilarious and interesting (I hope, anyway) brand new book so as much as it pains me, I need to control myself and refrain from writing anything other than (1) It's been a blast so far - Adrian, Julie and Eric are making music each evening that grows more incredible by the day if that is possible; (2) Life on the road is go to cool cities and towns but you are so tired from the long drives and then there's load in and sound check and remembering to feed yourselves so really, unless you get a day off, all you see is your hotel room; (3) It is not that hard living a vegetarian lifestyle but it is difficult doing it properly while traveling and on a budget and while I'm enjoying what, judging by the notches on my belt, is pretty rapid weight loss, I am getting cranky from hunger; (4) you really do live out of your suitcase and I'm just glad that unlike the trio, I overpacked so I haven't had to utilize the laundry rooms at said hotels as much as the rest of the band but my suitcase is way too stuffed and heavy so that's the downside (Adrian teased me when I told him how much I brought. "What did you do, pack for a summer at camp?" he teased.)


Oh that I smuggled some food with me but trust me, the west coast run in October will have me traveling with a suitcase full of peanut butter, jelly, and protein bars instead of 25 t-shirts and six pair of pajamas.

Getting back to my list, (5) I've met incredible fans but some are insane (ha!) though having worked with attorneys for over two decades, I am used to crazy people and have only lost my temper once and it wasn't with a fan so that's cool; (5) been loving the opening acts in a lot of venues (Hey there, Nerd Parade and Cheers Elephant!)...

Anyway, I just looked at the time - today is our day off but we have an eight hour drive to Quebec (Please kill me); luckily no one ate beans for dinner last I am out of here until either late tonight or tomorrow.

But in case you haven't noticed, I am tweeting live from the shows every night and I've also managed to figure out Facebook finally so please look for daily updates there.

Oh, P.S. Never, ever, ever stay at the Best Western Hotel on the Hudson in Nyack, New York. They have not heard the end from me - see my updates on Twitter and Facebook. Not only did the shower just die on me in the middle of shampooing my hair, I was nearly electrocuted by a defective coffee pot. The blow dryer didn't work, either, big surprise, and the check in clerk was surly and rude. They are a monstrosity...oh yeah, and the lobby smells like backed up sewage. Every other hotel on this tour has been lovely, except for the Edison in NYC, where I was almost killed by a falling headboard attached to the wall and not the bed in a room that not only charged for internet, didn't have three prong outlets. Not to mention lamps with frayed cords and filthy shades. But huge kudos to Crowne Plaza Hotels, Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Quality Inn...and a lovely little boutique hotel in Cotuit, Cape Cod called the Santuit or something like that.